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Acoustic Office Pods

Acoustic Office Pods are an innovative solution for making the most of open plan environments such as offices and classrooms. The range of available office screens include acoustic foam within the panels, which help soak up ambient background noise. However, to team with the Acoustic Office Screens, you’ll find other options such as laminate, acrylic and a wide selection of fabric colours.

With the addition of different panel finishes, it’s possible to maximise the way your custom Acoustic Office Pod is used. Acrylic panels are helpful to let natural light into a dull space and can also display a printed logo. The laminate finish welcomes another element which can be used as a notice and whiteboard.

The design of the Acoustic Office Pods makes them incredibly effective in noisy and busy open plan environments. Rather than having to build a permanent divide, the Acoustic Office Pods can be installed and used as conference rooms, break rooms and even individual offices. Acoustic Office Screens are effective at combating audible and visual distractions while being able to create private areas.

All the Acoustic Office Pods are individually designed and manufactured here at Rap Industries. You can work with us to tailor the Acoustic Pod to your environment to ensure they are effective as possible. We have various designs available, however, if you have something unique in mind, then please get in touch with our advisors who will be able to provide additional information on the possibilities. They can be reached by calling 01733 394941 or by sending an e-mail to

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  1. Concept Office Privacy Pod
    £3,764.40 £3,137.00
  2. Concept 2 Person Work Pod
    £4,147.20 £3,456.00
  3. Concept Privacy Pod Set of 3
    £8,946.00 £7,455.00
  4. Concept Acoustic Work Pod
    £2,721.60 £2,268.00
  5. Budget Acoustic Office Pod
    £2,822.40 £2,352.00
  6. Grand Acoustic Office Pod
    £5,354.40 £4,462.00
  7. Inspire Office Pod
    £4,371.60 £3,643.00
  8. Esteem Acoustic Office Pod
    £4,454.40 £3,712.00
  9. Prestige Acoustic Office Pod
    £6,274.80 £5,229.00
  10. Elegance Acoustic Office Pod
    £6,649.20 £5,541.00
  11. Concept Acoustic Office Pod
    £2,888.40 £2,407.00
  12. Delta Acoustic Privacy Pod
    £1,425.60 £1,188.00
  13. Snug 2 Person Workbooth
    £4,376.40 £3,647.00
  14. Hemm Single Acoustic Seat Pod
    £1,278.00 £1,065.00
  15. Snug 3 Person Workbooth
    £6,196.80 £5,164.00
  16. Hemm Double Acoustic Seat Pod
    £1,880.40 £1,567.00
  17. Snug Single Workbooth
    £2,542.80 £2,119.00
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24 Items

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Bespoke Acoustic Office Pods made by Rap Industries

Discover more Acoustic Office Pods with Rap Industries

Our Acoustic Office Pods are composed of individual panels which are equipped with a sturdy core and then covered with the acoustic foam. These panels can be customised in various ways, such as the fabric colour or whether to have a glazed screen integrated into the top half. A combination of materials can change the look and feel of the Office Pod.

The Acoustic Office Pods are individually manufactured and tailored at our site based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. We perform extensive checks on every screen to ensure they meet the standards we expect. Then, the Acoustic Pods are set up in-house to make sure every panel is aligned and they are ready to go as they as they arrive.

Open plan space can be hard to use and you could find you’re not using the space to it’s full potential. Incorporating an Acoustic Office Pod is a cost effective way to add another space or room to the office. Building and configuring your own Acoustic Office Pod comes with more benefits than being able to add another room, you’ll also be adding a closed off space with privacy for meetings and important conversations.

Why add an acoustic office pod to your space?

A major benefit of the Acoustic Office Pods is the versatility and the semi-permanent finish. Whilst the Office Pods are built for long terms use, the modular design of the panels allow for movement in the future and can be reconfigured or utilised in a different corner of the office.

Welcoming Acoustic Office Screens and Acoustic Office Pods to an open space can transform the space, maximise uses and lower volume. Acoustic Office Screens use acoustic foam which is able to absorb noise, therefore making a workspace quieter than usual. By reducing office noise, it's possible to increase concentration, productivity and make the working environment comfortable. 

All our Acoustic Office Pods are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure they are as effective as possible in your environment. With each design, there are various customisation options available to ensure they fit in with the existing style of your space and to help enhance overall. Each panel is secured using a linking system to ensure it is strong and stable when in use.

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