Nova acoustic office screen with acoustic fabric

Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screens

The Nova Acoustic Partition Screens offer a standard and deluxe range, providing a fantastic selection of screen options, size and fabric choice. The Nova Office Screen have a curved edge to create a soft feel whilst using a durable edging to complete the overall partition screen design.

Our Nova Deluxe Acoustic Office Screens are unique to the range due to the available fabric choice. The Deluxe Acoustic Office Screens are made with a double layer of 12mm foam on both sides and upholstered with an acoustic fabric which has been made with 100% wool. The combination of acoustic foam and acoustic fabric has resulted in the ultimate Acoustic Office Screen.

As part of the Nova Acoustic Partition Screen range you’ll be able to find the Straight standard & deluxe, Curve, Wave & Desktop Divider styles. Each of the Freestanding Office Screen styles can be used in conjunction with one another. Position the Office Partitions in the desired configuration, targeting loud work areas.

Each Office Partition Screen is made to order and manufactured in the UK, by Rap Industries. We supply a wide variation of fabric colours and partition screens styles, making it easier to find the right acoustic solution for your available space.

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  1. Nova 66mm Acoustic Office Screens
    £181.00 £217.20 £181.00
  2. Nova Curve 66mm Acoustic Office Partition
    £254.00 £304.80 £254.00
  3. Nova Deluxe 66mm Acoustic Desktop Screen
    £110.00 £132.00 £110.00
  4. Nova Deluxe 66mm Acoustic Office Screen
    £190.00 £228.00 £190.00
  5. Nova 66mm Acoustic Desktop Screen
    £98.00 £117.60 £98.00
  6. Nova Deluxe 2 Person Workbooth
    £1,987.00 £2,384.40 £1,987.00
  7. Nova Wave Top 66mm Acoustic Screen
    £216.00 £259.20 £216.00
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Nova Screens, manfactured by Rap Industries

With the Nova Acoustic Office Screens we've created a soft, luxurious partition screen without losing any of the sound absorbing properties that are vital in any office environment. Within the Nova range there are two options; the standard Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screen or the Deluxe Office Screen version. Having the upgraded option allows us to offer 2 different fabric collections and a total of 51 different colourways, so that you can find the perfect finish to match your company colours or existing colour palette. The fabric collections are either 100% recycled polyester (X2) or 100% Wool (Blazer Lite) meaning that the Acoustic Office screen you receive has been manufactured using the best possible materials, in-house by us.

The Nova Acoustic Screens are manufactured with 2 layers of 12mm acoustic foam on both sides of the screen, giving you a total of a 24mm acoustic layer. The acoustic foam is then cover with the fabric colour of choice. A slim T edging is then applied all around the edge of the partition screens to give a neat, sleek finish. As the Nova Acoustic Screens are non-linking, the edge is finished without the linking channel creating a cleaner finish for the stand-alone screen which is easier to move and reconfigure when your office changes.

To extend design possibilities, you’ll find the Nova Acoustic Office Partitions are available in various shapes and styles. Straight, Curve, Wave and Desktop Dividers variations ensure there’s a solution to meet your requirement.

The Nova Acoustic Desktop Dividers differ to the freestanding style and adds more focus on individual workspaces. Attaching the desktop dividers into place takes a matter of moments with the easy fix desktop clamps.

All freestanding Nova Office Partition Screens are supplied with stability feet to match the black T edging. The stability feet are trip and wheelchair friendly ensuring the Acoustic Screens are safe and secure in any location.

All our Nova Acoustic Office Screens are supplied with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee as standard.