Social distancing pods

Social Distancing Work Pods

Our Social Distancing Work Pods have been designed with various needs, spaces and styles in mind. Work pods can transform an office space by bringing in additional private space which can be used for meetings, multiple workspaces or as a training room. Creating the social distancing pods has taken screens from our acoustic, acrylic and laminate ranges to offer various finishes to compliment your current office design.

As social distancing has been implemented, so has the importance of safe working and designated working areas. Freestanding office partitions are configured to create the pods and will effectively provide individual working spaces or larger areas to seat a group, all whilst being distanced.

With a combination of finishes, we have been sure to include some easy clean, wipe clean surfaces. REACH compliant laminate office partitions have a white gloss finish, that can be sanitised throughout the day as well as accepting white board pens if notes are required. Clear acrylic and frosted Perspex not only welcomes natural light, but adds a window like feature to your pod to allow for clear communication.

Create a bespoke pod with Rap Industries, including the finishes you require to design a pod suitable for your office space. Select finishes, sizes and fabric with a tailor made service to ensure your pod is everything you need.

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  1. Inspire Office Pod
    £4,371.60 £3,643.00
  2. Grand Acoustic Office Pod
    £5,354.40 £4,462.00
  3. Concept Office Privacy Pod
    £3,764.40 £3,137.00
  4. Concept Privacy Pod Set of 3
    £8,946.00 £7,455.00
  5. Budget Acoustic Office Pod
    £2,822.40 £2,352.00
  6. Delta Acoustic Privacy Pod
    £1,425.60 £1,188.00
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Social distancing work pods

About the Social Distancing Work Pods

Incorporating an office work pod brings many benefits, in addition to creating concealed working spaces for one or more individual. Working with office partitions can sections areas can support increased productivity levels and elevated concentration. Our acoustic office pods use a combination of acoustic partition screens and acrylic sections to create a range of styles suitable for all working requirements.

Now that social distancing is a requirement in and out of the workplace, it’s important to look at the options available and ways the rules can be implemented. Ensuring your office is safe and secure for you, your employees and potential customer is crucial. With the use of office pods, office partitions and single workstations, safe working is possible.

Learn about different Office Screen finishes

Our range of social distance office pods have been designed with space in mind and ensuring each person has a designated working area. Acoustic office screens have been used as part of the pods, acoustic panels can help reduce the noise levels, supporting productivity. Clear acrylic and frosted Perspex panels help with visibility and allow light to shine through and brighten your work zone. Finally, REACH compliant laminate with a white gloss, dry wipe finish adds a wipe clean surface which also acts as a white board surface.

At Rap Industries, we make and manufacture all our screening and office pods. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll create a bespoke pod for you. Speak with our team regarding your requirement and we’ll be happy to help.

All of the social distancing office pods are made using high quality materials in the UK, providing continued supported throughout COVID-19.

What are the benefits of the social distancing Office Pod?

Various materials used: Clear acrylic and frosted Perspex, acoustic office partitions, REACH compliant, white gloss laminate

Suitable for social distancing and COVID-19

Creates single workspaces and safe meeting rooms

Made in the UK

Create a custom pod, designed for you