Budget Acoustic screens make the perfect privacy work pods in an open plan office

Budget Acoustic Office Partitions

Budget Acoustic Office Partitions are an excellent solution for anyone looking to divide their office space or absorb some office noise on a budget. This is why the Budget Acoustic Screens are such a popular choice for our customers - you can create privacy in open environments with a stylish, effective solution without the heavy price tag. We're so confident that you'll love the Budget Acoustic Screens that we've included a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee with every screen.

The Budget Acoustic Partition Screens have a 12mm acoustic foam which is used on both sides of the screen. Adding Acoustic Office Screens to an open space can help reduce noise levels and increase productivity. Each Budget Partition Screen comes supplied with a flexible linking strip, which can be used in a straight line or to create a corner of an Acoustic Pod.

As well as choosing your fabric colour, the PVC edging is available in black or grey. Matching stability feet are provided to compliment the chosen edging colour. The stabilising feet are trip and wheelchair friendly allowing the Budget Acoustic Office Screens to be used in all spaces without causing a hazard.

At Rap, we've designed the Budget Acoustic Screens to give our customers a wide choice of acoustic screening options so there is something to suit everyone. We manufacture all the screens on site here at Rap Industries and this allows us to customise with different fabric colourways, feet options and finishes. We can even bespoke the sizing if you require something very specific or exact to fit your space. Contact us on 01733 394941 or email at [email protected] with your requirement and we'll be happy to help.

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  1. Budget 42mm Acoustic Office Screens
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  2. Budget Portable 42mm Acoustic Screen
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  3. Budget 42mm Acoustic Wave Top Screen
    £136.00 £163.20 £136.00
  4. Budget 42mm Acoustic Curved Screens
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  5. Budget Acoustic Screen Personal Pod
    £792.00 £950.40 £792.00
  6. Budget Acoustic Personal pod - Set of 3
    £2,052.00 £2,462.40 £2,052.00
  7. Budget Acoustic Pod
    £2,232.00 £2,678.40 £2,232.00
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Budget Curve Acoustic Screens, Manufactured by Rap Industries

When it comes to Acoustic Office Screens, we've worked to design a selection varying in price to ensure there is an option for every requirement and budget. That's where the Budget Acoustic Office Screen comes in, offering an affordable but effective sound absorbing office partition. During the manufacturing process we apply 12mm acoustic foam onto either side of the 18mm solid screen core, and cover with your choice of 25 woven fabric colours.

The Budget Partition Screens are available as a Straight, Curved, Wavetop & Portable (supplied with castor feet) styles. Due to the linking feature on the side of each office screen, it’s possible to connect the screens together, regardless of the shape. Create and connect a custom acoustic solution to compliment your space.

The PVC edging on all edges of the screen gives it high durability and robustness, as well as providing linking facility, making it easy to attach other screens and create clusters or runs of partitioning. The slimline edging also creates a softer look.

Use the Budget Acoustic Office Partitions to divide and separate departments and large open spaces. Acoustic foam and fabrics have been successful in reducing office noise and creating a more enjoyable work environment. Studies have shown that a workplace with controlled noise is more productive and has higher levels of productivity.

All our Budget Acoustic Screens are supplied with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee as standard.