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Delta Velvet with soft touch, velvet fabric

Delta Velvet Acoustic Office Dividers

Nurseries, classrooms, receptions and open plan office spaces – The Delta Velvet acoustic office screens range has a partition screen for eventualities. What sets the Delta Velvet Acoustic Office Dividers apart from the rest is the ultra soft fabric, which feels just like velvet and provides each screen with a soft appearance. Complimenting the soft touch fabric is the extensive range of patterns. Patterns for children, professional settings and medical environments.

As with the entire Delta range, the Delta Velvet partition screens are acoustic. Acoustic office screens include acoustic foam which helps to control noise levels in busy spaces. The blend of acoustic foam and soft velvet fabric work in unison to absorb distractions, keeping the space at an ambient level. For maximum acoustic support the Delta Velvet screens have a thick 24mm acoustic foam used on both sides of the screen.

The Delta Velvet partitions are available as a straight and cloud shape. Create an acoustic barrier with the various shapes and cover the desired width by placing the dividers together. The Delta cloud partitions have a clever design that enable them to interlock, regardless of the height.

As a UK manufacturer we strive to develop high quality screening, and to evolve the partition possibilities. The Delta Velvet is a modern way to bring colour, personality and unique designs to each and every space, within all industries. The cloud and the standard Delta Velvet designs are easy to position, move and modify open areas.

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Delta velvet acoustic office screens for schools, offices and hospitals

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Soft, smooth and completely modern, the Delta Velvet have more on offer than being an Acoustic Office Divider. The velvet fabric is unique, feeling super soft which can be loved by both adults and children. The selection of fabric patterns ensures the Delta room dividers can be used to welcome a bold print, make a home office professional or add the finishing touches to a classroom.

The acoustic properties always come in useful and can make a big difference to the noise levels in your work space. Acoustic foam is sound absorbing, reduces noise levels and creates a quieter and calmer working environment. To boost the acoustic properties, the high quality soft touch fabric assists too! The combination of 24mm acoustic foam and soft velvet fabric makes the Delta Velvet office dividers a top contender for any open space.

What does the Delta Velvet have to offer?

Our unique cloud design is one of a kind and fit perfectly together. It doesn’t matter the width or height, the curves of the cloud interlock, making it possible to create a flawless run of acoustic office screens. All designs are made in the UK, by Rap Industries in Peterborough. We’re proud to make each partition screen to order, matching your specifications.

All Delta acoustic partitions are provided with stability feet. Our stability feet have a raised profile helping us achieve a trip and wheelchair friendly support foot to make the divider safe for all environments. However, other feet options are available to suit your environment.

Completed with a blue piped edging, the Delta range don't have a linking facility, but this doesn’t affect how they are used. Position the screens in to a configuration of choice to maximise space and layout options.

Why choose the Delta Velvet Office Dividers?

The Delta Velvet Office Dividers offer you something that other screens can’t and that’s soft patterned fabric. The standard acoustic office screens have a wide range of fabric and colour variations, but the Delta Velvet Dividers can take your environment to the next level.

From fun prints which are suitable for children to softer corporate designs, the Delta Velvet Office Dividers bring warmth and individuality to any space. The soft velvet fabric can be used for sensory environments too.

The Delta Velvet is part of the premium acoustic office screens range. Bringing thicker foam and softer fabrics into any workplace. Due to the semi-permanent dsign of the soft touch fabric, it's possible to change the layout and configuration as the office needs change. The ability to do so increases the ways in which a room can be used and opens new possibilities. 

Made in the UK