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Rap Industries FAQ's

Are Rap Industries and Go Displays the same company?

Yes, we are the same company!

We have 2 websites which are tailored to different products. Rap Industries main focus is office screening and room dividers and Go Displays offer a wide variety of exhibition stands and accessories.

For the full exhibition range, click over to Go Displays.

Do you make all office screening to order?

Other than a small percentage of office screens that are available on a quicker lead time, we make all screens to order. This is because we have a large number of variations when it comes to style, size and fabric colours.

All lead times are specified on each of the product pages.


Do you accept returns?

As our screens are made to order, so it’s not possible for us to accept returns.

Please make sure you have selected the right size from the drop down menu and that you’re happy with your chosen fabric as once the order has gone to production we are unable to make any changes.

Will I need to assemble the office screens?

All our designs require minimal assembly and in general only need the feet or linking strips adding. If you’re unsure of the process, click to view all assembly guides.

View user instructions

What environments can benefit from Acoustic Office Screens?

Acoustic foam is one of the main materials inside of the Acoustic Office Screens. Acoustic foam excels in high volume environments and spaces where loud noises can be an issue.

With the addition of numerous Acoustic Office Dividers you’re able to control noise and lower the amount of distractions around the office space. Acoustic Office Screens will be most effective in busy environments when noise is more distracting than creating an office buzz.

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What are the Mobi Panel Sizes?

Each panel of the Mobi Screens (regardless of finish) is 687mm wide. When choosing the width you need from the drop down menu, you’ll see the full width written next to the number of panels.

The width provided is the screen positioned in a straight configuration.

View all available sizes and finishes 


Can I link the Flexi-Screens together?

The Flexi-Screens do have a linking facility, which makes it possible to link multiple runs of the portable room divider together.

For example, the largest available width is 5m, but if you require coverage of 10m, it’s possible to link and connect x2 5m lengths.


What’s the difference between the Delta Acoustic Office Screens and the Delta Velvet?

The Delta Acoustic Office Screen is popular for the bold choice of shapes and colours, but the Velvet Office Screen adds a new level.

The standard and Deluxe Delta Office screens are completed with a block colour fabric choice, all of which are bold and fun. The Delta Velvet brings several new elements to the Delta Acoustic Office Screen by adding different patterns and the softest of fabrics.

Can I clean the Safeguard Anti-Bacterial Screens?

Yes, it’s possible to clean the Safeguard Desktop and Freestanding Dividers, but only with warm soapy water. The anti-bacterial fabric has been treated so will stunt the growth of germs and bacteria, the gentle clean will help keep the fabric in good condition.

How quickly can I receive the in-Stock Screens?

We have a small number of Office Screens which are available for quick dispatch. Generally, these can be dispatched within 24 hours, but this can vary slightly based on quantities.

Find your in-stock screen here

How many fabric colours can I choose for the Concept Acoustic Partition Screen?

We manufacture a 2 part and 3 part Concept Acoustic Partition Screen which allows the choice of 2 or 3 fabric choices per panel. Mix and match your colour choices and choose the sequence for the colours.

If you’d like a break in between the panels, opt for a central acrylic panel.


Can I combine the Morton Office Screens styles?

The Morton Office Screens have a lot to offer when it comes to style and variation. The great thing is how each style is compatible and can be used in unique ways to compliment your space.

Combine acrylic, laminate and acoustic office screens together to create the office screen arrangement that you have in mind.

What are the connecting options for the Budget Acoustic Office Partitions?

In addition to linking the Budget Acoustic Office Partitions together with the supplied flexible linking strips, it’s also possible to connect your office screen configuration to wall.

With the addition of the wall linking bracket and using the linking strip, you can anchor the screens to the wall which can help create a secure, semi permanent office screen feature.

Can I design my own Acoustic Office Pod?

Yes, it’s possible to create your own Acoustic Office Pod to your specified size. Dependent on the width and height you require, we’ll be able to advise the correct style of screen and the best possible way to create the size you need.

For more help with Acoustic Pods, please call us on 01733 394941.


How is the thickness of the 66mm Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screens created?

The 66mm is the thickness of the Nova Office Partition Screen at it’s thickest.

This measurement is made with the 18mm solid core and the layer or 24mm acousticfoam which is distributed across both side of the screen for maximum acoustic support.


How do I install a Desktop Divider?

We have 2 different types of desktop clamps, a drill through style and an easy fix clamp. Both of which have different assembly methods.

For a full break down on how to correctly fit your Desktop Divider, view our installation video guide.