How to Use Partition Screens in a School or Educational Environment

School & Education Purchase Orders Accepted

Rap Industries are a UK manufacturer who design and manufacturer each product on site, in Peterborough UK. From starting out with acoustic screening, over the years we have seen the importance screening can have in an educational environment and how dividers can be more than just a tool to divide open space.

The types of screens we suggest for an educational space can range from early years right through to college and university. You’re able to choose the purpose for the partition and how effective this can be for a certain age group or location.

Starting from early learners to primary school, bright colours, interesting shapes and basic information can be all that’s need to grab attention and make an impact on a young audience. As a sensory solution, the Velvet Partition Screens offer an experience like no other. Soft fabrics, bold patterns and partition shapes to create disruption in the best way possible.

Other solutions include printed room dividers, which when fully open can divide a space, but the print can be as educational as you need it to be. Use the double sided panels to incorporate as much bespoke print as you’d like to add. If you’re struggling on how to add educational information, we have various pre-designed templates which assist with teaching numbers, nursery rhymes, colours and more.

Need more board space? The laminate easy clean room dividers have you covered! A hybrid between a portable room divider and whiteboard, the white gloss finish accepts drywipe pens for extra teaching or student doodling space. However, the laminate finish extends it's uses to a medical office due to the easy clean, sprayable material.

Encourage creativity and proudly display artwork and drawings on to a loop nylon portable room divider. The loop nylon fabric accepts hook tape, enabling as many posters to be attached to create a custom wall full of colourful student artwork for parents evenings or open days.

School & Classroom Partition Screens

Secondary schools, colleges and Universities can make sure of exactly the same screens, but the uses will be slightly different. Acoustic Office Partitions can be just as effective in colleges and secondary schools, but from an acoustic aspect rather than the visual appearance. Especially in libraries or areas which require privacy, the acoustic partition screens which include absorbent foam are capable of removing excess noise from the space, which results in a calmer space for reading and studying.

Printed Office Partitions are a clever way to bring division to a space and combine unique artwork. The chosen print can be educational, included the school logo, colour or mission statement so that whenever the partitions are in use, the school values are visible and displayed with pride. Use those printed panels to design long standing artwork that will be relevant for years to come.

Coursework is often displayed throughout a school or college and can be used to create a show or exhibition. For lightweight, poster type artwork, the loop nylon display panels and display boards attach with hook tape and effortlessly display posters which students have spent months creating.

Easy clean room dividers can be useful in any space, including a school, classroom or hall. The laminate materials are incredibly versatile, showcasing how the same divider can be used as a whiteboard or a partition in a canteen.When used in a school canteen, the white gloss laminate can be moved between tables and sanitized at the end of lunch time.

Room Dividers For Educational Environments

What types of partition screens are available?

Portable Screens

Concertina room dividers use a folding system where the outstretched panels can fold back into a slimline unit. The condensed size is perfect for moving and storing when the partitions are no longer use and the open plan space is required.

For the smooth transition between storing and unfolding, the portable partition screens are fitted with castors wheels. Before wheeling the school partition away, ensure the panels are folded away securely so no damage is caused.

Freestanding Dividers

Freestanding screens more often than not have a static design, meaning they're not as easy to move as the portable partition screens. Supplied with stability feet, the freestanding partition screens provide a permanent to semi permanent design that will support a long term divide in an open space.

However, this doesn’t stop the educational screens from being moved. It’s still possible to change the configuration and room in which the dividers are being used, however it will require more than one person.

Display Panels

Display panels and display boards are still largely used in schools and educational settings but have improved massively on the appearance front. Panel and pole, folding or portable styles are available with a loop nylon fabric that’s compatible with hook fixings for posters and printed media to be displayed.