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Acousti desk divider used in an office space, attached to desks

Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers

The Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers are a practical and cost effective solution to reducing office noise and enhancing your office design. The simple straight and wavetop designs of the Omega desk screen are enough to help with noise levels. Whilst providing 3 different heights to offer varying levels of privacy and sound support.

Acoustic desk partitions work with the combination of acoustic fabric and high quality foam and absorbing additional noise. For more details on how effective acoustic desk divider can be for your space – click here.

Choose from a wide selection of fabric colours from the Omega Standard and Omega+ range. Both ranges have neutral and bold colours to fit in with any environment. Along with the 3 height choices, make sure to measure your desks to select the correct width.

Can’t see the size you need? Speak with a member of our team.

The Omega dividers are ready to use, simply attach the easy fix clamps into the screen and attach to your chosen desk space. The acoustic support will be up and running in no time! By upgrading to the easy fix clamps, it’s possible to make changes to the placement of the office screen in the future.

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Pinnable & Acoustic Desk Dividers

More about the Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers

Opting for an acoustic desk divider over a free standing office screen offers a compact version of a similar screen and still provides an area with acoustic support. We utilise the same high quality fabrics and acoustic foam to help take some of the distraction from your everyday office environment.

If you’re short on space, but high on noise the range of Omega desk screens will compliment the space. Without using any floor space, the Omega screens will add to the office design as well as becoming an integral part of your desk. Working in a loud space can result in reduced productivity and concentration. Fight back against the interruptions with modern acoustic solutions.

Desk screens are a popular choice across many offices, call centres, schools and training environment. With the addition of the desk style partition, it's possible to transform an open desk space into a single work zone. Increase privacy and provide individuals with the right work atmosphere.

Choosing the correct placement for desk partitions

The combination of acoustic foam and fabric work well to reduce volume, but the placement plays a part too. Especially with acoustic desk screens, the placement should consider voice projection. By capturing more sound with the correct placement, this will result in lowered noise levels.

Acoustic foam is soft sponge like material and is the main element used to reduce noise. The foam works by absorbing travelling sound waves and stop the rebound of sound. Reflected sound is a result of hard, solid surface. For more details on the effects of acoustic foam and office screens, view our full explanation.

Omega VS Omega+

Throughout the Omega range we have Omega and Omega+, but what are the differences? The standard Omega range uses the woven fabric and the Omega+ use the upgrade fabric of the Universe. Throughout both of the fabric collections you’ll be able locate cool and warm tones to match in nicely with your current colour scheme.

The Omega range also have a pinnable solution. Divide a worktop and pin important notices and personal touches with the pinboard divider. View the pinnable screens.

Installing the Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers

For quick and easy installation, upgrade to the easy fix desk clamps. As the name suggests, the clamps are easy to fit and allow for adjustments and changes in the future. Zero damage is caused to the desktop, meaning the divider can used as either a permanent or temporary feature.

Position the acoustic desk screens on to the back and/or side of the work surface and control visibility into each area.

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