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Omega+ Wave 42mm Acoustic Desk Dividers

Dispatched within 7 working days

  • Upholstered in Universe fabric, 12 fabric colours available
  • Includes an internal 18mm solid core and 12mm fire retardant foam on both sides.
  • Drill through clamps are supplied as standard
  • 600mm high screens with a wave down to 300mm.
  • Durable plastic grey or black edging options
  • Clamps require 33mm clearance underneath the desktop to ensure a secure fitting.
  • Manufactured and designed in the UK by Rap Industries 
Woven fabric Colours from Rap Dispatched within 7 working days Omega Desktop Dividers Manufactured in the UK
£105.60 £88.00

About the Omega+ Wave 42mm Acoustic Desk Dividers

The Omega+ wave acoustic desk screens not only look fantastic but bring an element of privacy to your workspace. The wave design has a smooth curve, adding a divide but not becoming overly obstructive. The lower side of the wave makes it possible to communicate and doesn’t seclude individuals from the rest of the office.

Acoustic foam which covers the entirety of the desktop office divider, front & back, is an integral part of the design. Acoustic foam absorbs surrounding noise and transforms a loud, distracting environment into one which promotes high concentration and productivity levels.

To customise the desktop partition to suit the current office design, choose the edging colour and from wide range of fabrics to bring in a pop of colour. The available heights and widths ensure there’s a perfect fit for all desk spaces.

Securing the Omega+ wave desktop divider in place is simple with the use of the easy fix clamps. The upgraded easy fix clamps require no tools and tightens to the surface until securely in place.

View the pinnable wave top solution from the Omega Desktop range

What are the benefits of the Omega+ wave desk screens?

  • Acoustic properties
  • Reduces noise
  • Attaches to the desktop
  • Requires zero floor space
  • Suitable for large and small offices

All acoustic office partitions and desktop dividers are made in the UK, by Rap Industries.

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Product Specification for the full Omega Desktop Screen range


Acoustic desktop screen thickness (Core, foam & fabric) - 42mm
Laminate thickness (Core & laminate) - 20mm
Pinnable thickness (Core & pinnable element) - 36mm

Clamp slots in the frame are;
Desktop Screens less than 899mm - 158mm in from each edge
Desktop Screen more than 900mm - 275mm in from each edge


Grey or black edging - PVC
Clamps - Steel
Internal - 18mm solid core
HPL – High pressure white gloss laminate
Foam (Acoustic Only) - double layer of 12mm fire retardant acoustic foam on each side

Fire Safety Elements

12mm Combustion Modified Foam BS 5852-2: using ignition Source 5 Crib

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Components are not considered to be a fire hazard.

Tested to standard UNE EN 13501-1:07+A1:2010

Fabric (Pinnable & Acoustic Only)

Woven fabric - Omega Standard
Woven Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 & BS 7176 2007

Universe Fabric - Omega+
Universe Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 Type B

High pressure laminate (HPL) white gloss

How do I use a Wave Desktop Divider?

The Omega+ Desk Partition works in exactly the same way as the standard rectangle shape.

The wave invites a soft shaped partiton into the office and provides desk privacy, all whilst being able to communicate easily. 

What fabric options are available with the Omega+?

The fabric comes from the Universe range and in comparison to the Woven range has a finer weave and has a different colour palette. 

Choose from 12 vibrant colours to suit your office design. 

Can I install the Desktop Partitions?

The install of the Omega+ screens can be quick and simple. With the easy fix upgraded clamps, you'll be able to tighten and clamp the divider to your worktop within minutes.

How to attach our desktop dividersClick here

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