Perspex Vs Glass

Perspex and glass can appear very similar but when breaking down the products have some noticeable differences. As a UK Office Screen manufacturer we use Perspex on a regular basis and see the positives that can be gained using acrylic over glass in our range of screening.

Our Glazed Office Screens offer a wide variety of screens using clear or frosted Perspex. The addition of acrylic within a freestanding or desktop divider keeps a space divided but allows more visibility and won’t obstruct natural light.

Perspex is a form of plastic, that starts out as a liquid and is then formed into a strong plastic sheet that can be used for screening, signs etc. Perspex is a brand, also known and referred to as acrylic. 

                                                 Perspex VS Glass

Here are some of the reasons we choose Perspex over glass;

Light Weight Material

Perspex is a popular material and can be used in replace of glass when weight is an issue. Glass is denser, therefore making it heavier than the acrylic panels. Perspex on average weighs 50% less than glass paneling.

The light weight structure of Perspex is the ideal solution for our range of glazed office screens, as it makes it easy for the office dividers to be moved and adjusted.


Perspex offers incredible strength and is more resistant to impact than glass. In spaces where safety is an issue, acrylic will suit the environment better as if the panel were to break, it wouldn’t shatter into small piecse or leave overly sharp edges.


Both glass and Perspex are clear and transparent, but that doesn’t mean they transmit the same amount of light. The transmission rate of glass is around 90%, whereas acrylic is 92%. It’s only marginally more but acrylic takes the lead when it comes to transmitting and reflecting light better.

                                                  Acrylic Freestanding Office Dividers

Cost Effective

If glass is out of the budget, then acrylic is the next best thing. As well as the material itself being lower on cost, due to the reduced weight, shipping costs are also kept lower. All in all, Perspex can help reduce costs whilst still giving your the clear finish of glass. 

Resistance to weathering

It’s possible to use Perspex as part of outdoor projects as with as many as 10 years outside, there should be no visible or physical effects to it’s overall performance.

Easy to clean

Finished with a high gloss surface, Perspex can be cleaned and maintenance is low. The easy clean finish was one of the main attractions when creating our Social Distancing range, allowing users to keep areas clean and sterile.


As with many materials, the reusability and recyclability are important factors. In addition to being suitable for long term use, Perspex can be recycled back to the original raw material.

                                                Acrylic Desktop Dividers