Office Screen Fabric & Materials

Office Screen fabric & materials

Being able to create a wide selection of office dividers with different finishes has increased the ways our screens can be used and the environments they can be placed in. It’s apparent that not all finishes are suitable for all environments, but with so many options available it’s possible to locate the right style and finish of screen for many spaces and industries.

Acoustic / Fabric

Acoustic Office Partitions are the most popular types of office screen and can make a big impact on noise and distractions levels. 12mm & 24mm acoustic foam encases the solid core and provides a sound absorbing partition solution, designed to decrease excessive noise, resulting in a quieter working space.

To find out more about how foam and noise absorption works – click here.

Patterned Fabric

Available as part of the Delta Velvet Acoustic Office Screen range, the patterned fabric offers a completely different visual to the rest of the partition screens. Choose super soft, patterned fabric to sit within education spaces, offices, home spaces and more.

The choice of patterns range from professional geometric shapes to numbers designed for learning.

Delta Velvet Fabric

Custom Print

The printed office partitions are fully customizable screens, which accept any artwork or design to achieve a bespoke finish. As we’ll print the artwork you have provided, you’ll receive a one of a kind office divider that accurately represents your business.

Printed on to a stoplight media, hardwearing material and locked in with a layer of laminate, the print partitions will be displaying your custom branding as a piece of long term office furniture.  


Our options of laminate vary between the partition screen ranges, but a popular choice starts with the white gloss laminate. The HPL (high pressure laminate) has a gloss finish and bares well in medical environments where sanitization is incredibly high. Able to withstand cleaning products and thorough cleaning, the white gloss laminate is an easy clean favourite.

The gloss finish also enables the use of drywipe pens, changing an easy clean room divider into additional whiteboard space.

Other laminate options include matte grey, bold colours and wood veneer finishes.

Loop Nylon

Loop nylon fabric is frequently used on display boards as the Velcro-friendly material makes it quick and simple to attach posters and printed media. By combining the portable room divider and loop nylon fabric, we’ve created dual purpose screens that are suitable for all open spaces.

Utilise the loop nylon as part of the room divider & display your chosen printed content.

Loop nylon velcro-friendly fabric


Clear and frosted Perspex have a wipeable surface and offer varying amounts of visibility. Clear acrylic is fully see through and won’t give a space any additional privacy or acoustic support, but when added into a multi-fabric office screen, the acrylic can act as window feature. Full clear acrylic desktop screens are a useful extra when division and protection is needed.

Frosted acrylic is an available option when clear acrylic appears too open. The white, but not fully opaque finish provides a space with move privacy and will show through colours, shapes and shadows.


Our range of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fabric has been treated with sanitized technology meaning the fabric stunts the growth of germs and bacteria and is resistant to blood and urine. The leather look material is available in bold colours and can be used not only as an anti-bacterial solution but as a method of bringing in new colours and texture.

A low maintenance choice that requires a light clean with warm and soapy water.

Garbe Anti-bacterial fabric