Folding Portable Room Dividers with a concertina design

Folding Room Dividers

Our range of flexible, folding room dividers can be quickly deployed to create a training area, conference room or to divide a large open space into a number of smaller spaces. The concertina design allows the panels to fold together, therefore creating a compact system when not in use. The foldable feature is great when your short on space or using as a temporary solution.

Castor wheels sit at the base of each panel for full portability, complimenting the folding mechanism. Pairing easy to more panels with the folding design results in a multi purpose mobile screen. The portability ensures the partition can be used across different spaces and adjusted to suit the current need.

Room dividing solutions are available from the Mobi & Flexi-Screen range. Both ranges come in many sizes to fit various widths and heights, suitable for any industry or department. With lightweight panels and a range of fantastic finishes, you’ll be able to find the right size and style for your space.

Discover the loop nylon, fabric, easy clean printed and anti-bacterial finish. All of which customise the foldable partitions accordingly. All finishes thrive in different spaces and and should be utilised in the best way to benefits your business and requirement.

FInd more from the Folding Room Divider range and choose your made to order dividing solution today!

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  2. Mobi Anti-Bacterial Privacy Screens
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  3. Mobi Easy Clean Room Dividers
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  4. Mobi Portable Room Dividers
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Portable & Freestanding Partition Walls

How can folding partitions benefit your space?

Folding Room Dividers also known as concertina screens have the ability to fold. Which is a useful attribute for any workplace. The folding mechanism is achieved with hinged panels that are able to fold flush against each other. Thus creating a slimline piece of office furniture that won’t take up too much space.

The folding aspect is important as it has the ability to take a 5m wide room divider and turn it in to a smaller, compact solution that’s suitable for movement. In general, the folding room dividers have a portable design that compliments the folding feature and ensures the divider can be used across more spaces.

If space is a concern, the foldable room partition is store-able in a folded form. Keeping the floor space open and clear when not in use.

Folding room divider finishes

Combine a versatile dividing solution with a finish of choice and you’ll have the perfect product for your space. The choice of finish ranges from loop nylon fabrics to white gloss easy clean laminate and can serve multiple purposes. Find out more about the available finish options:

  • White gloss lamimate – An easy clean finish and accepts dry wipe pens

  • Loop nylon fabric – Compatible with self adhesive hook dots and tape for a display board feature

  • Woven fabric – bring colour and texture in to the workplace

  • Printed – Add customized print and artwork for a bespoke look

  • Anti-bacterial – Specialize, treated fabric to stop the growth of germs and bacteria

From the catalogue of partition finishes, we’ve a wide selection of colours to ensure you have a choice to match your current office design.

Can I adapt the foldable room separators?

The Flexi-Screen offers a premium finish with lockable castors, more height options and thicker panels. But the screens have other features which help your future workplace plans.

On the side of the end panels we've installed a linking channel and supplied each set of Flexi-Screen panels with a linking strip. The flexible linking strip is the same as that supplied with our full range of free standing office screens. Use the linking facility to join multiple sets of panels to widen the area of coverage.

Other ways to adjust the folding panels is to reposition them at different angles. By moving the panels, you're able to provide each area with the level of privacy required. Configure straight walls, L shape booths and unique styles to maximise floor space and divide the area in the best possible way.

Are mobile screens permanent?

The mobiles screens can be as temporary or as permanent as you need. The folding panels and castor wheels make it easy to move, if and when the time comes to change your layout. A temporary room divider is a flexible solution and makes the most of any open space.

Add and remove the partition as when more variety is needed from the workplace environment.

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