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About Delta Velvet Acoustic Office Screens

The Delta Acoustic Office Dividers are our most adventurous office screen designs and offer more shapes and styles that can be found any where else on the market. Delta partitions take a step away from the standard office divider, and consider fun shapes, bold colours and patterned fabric.

One of the most eye catching designs is the Delta Cloud that has all the curves and smooth edges to mimic the shape of a cloud. Determined to ensure the cloud panels can be used in a row, each cloud fits in to the curves of the next screen, regardless of the height. However, if shaped screens aren’t for you, we have a full range of straight, curved and wavetop partitions available.

Along with the bold fabrics, the Delta Acoustic Office Dividers have a vivid blue piped edging which contrasts against the fabric, creating another interesting focal point. Each partition comes supplied with silver stability, but an upgrade to shiny, chrome feet are also an option.

Delta Velvet Acoustic Office Screens

How does the Delta Velvet Office Divider differ?

The Delta Velvet Acoustic Office Divider has the same construction and high quality foam, the big difference is the fabric. We’ve taken away the block colour fabric and introduced a line of fabrics that contain a collection of patterns. The available patterns have been chosen to work within corporate spaces, home offices, medical areas and educational settings. Choose from monochrome lines, bold, colourful numbers and even sloths, use the patterned fabric to express the personality of the space and create a comfortable yet unique room feature.

Acoustic Office Screen Fabric

As well as the interesting patterns, the fabric has a super soft feel, providing yet another sensory element. Smooth, soft and feels just like the velvet, the Delta Velvet fabric brings another aspect to our acoustic office screens which isn’t commonly offered.

Underneath the soft, velvet fabric, you’ll find the acoustic foam which covers the solid core. The combination of high quality fabric and 24mm acoustic foam makes the perfect pairing and can make positive changes to your surroundings.

Our 24mm acoustic foam excels with high and low frequency sounds, and works to absorb excess noise and results in overall reduced volumes. Especially within an office, noise can be the number one reason for distraction and low productivity, but with the addition of acoustic office screens it’s possible to make a noticeable difference.

You’ll be able to find Delta Velvet Office Dividers for different industries, but the screens aren’t limited to those spaces. The trip and wheelchair friendly stability feet enable the acoustic divider to be positioned in all open spaces, so you’ll have confidence that the feet won’t be a hazard. Our choice of patterned fabric ensures the dividers are versatile and incredibly easy to incorporate.