Concept Acoustic Office Screens, all manufactured to order

Acoustic Office Screens

At Rap Industries we design and manufacture all our Acoustic Office Partitions to provide you with a high quality, acoustically tested solution. Using double layers of 12mm and 24mm acoustic foam to manufacture our Acoustic Office Screens, we're dedicated to supplying our clients with an acoustic solution for any environment that will assist with sound reduction.

Available in a choice of styles, from Freestanding Acoustic Office Screens to Desktop Dividers, portable to wall mounted, there is an acoustic solution for every requirement. We offer a variety of fabrics and finishes, with custom print also available so your Acoustic Office Screens can be personalised with your branding. There's also options to add in acrylic sections, choose different shapes and sizes to best suit your need.

Acoustic Office Partitions are a popular addition to large and small office spaces, to reduce noise levels and daily distractions. Acoustic foam makes the noise absorption possible, therefore creating a quieter work environment. Acoustic Office Screens transform the open plan office into a partitioned space and create rooms filled with privacy, individual working spaces and Acoustic Office Pods.

Choose the right shape, style, and fabric colour to create a custom acoustic screens that discreetly fits into the surrounding space. With the semi-permanent design the ability to reconfigure and restructure the office is easier than ever.

Have an idea in mind but don't see it here? ? As well as acoustic office partitions, we specialise in bespoke design for products so give us a call on 01733 394941 or email and we'll be happy to help.

Delta acoustic office screens in a office reception area

All office screens are made in the UK by Rap Industries

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From office partitions to desktop dividers, we manufacture unique products which are designed to enhance your office. The available selection has different styles on offer, which can adapt the space, making the room more effective. Many customisable options are available too, such as; fabric colour, framework colour and style of the stabilising feet.

We manufacture all the acoustic office dividers to order which mean the panel is tailored to suit the requirements of the space. Whether you have a unique layout or require more natural light, Rap Industries are confident you’ll find the right sound absorbing solution. As a UK manufacturer we promise high quality products supplied with a manufacturers guarantee.

Re-designing the office can be a stressful affair and we understand the need to get the most from your budget. You can find a wealth of resources on each individual item page where more details can be found about the construction and possible benefits. If you require further assistance with your acoustic office screen requirement, then you can get in touch with our team of advisors who would be more than happy to help. To contact them, please call 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to

Find out more about the Delta Acoustic Office Screens

The Delta Acoustic Office Screens range is full of fun and vibrancy. The Delta screens are like no other with the fun shapes and bold fabrics. The Cloud shape is one of a kind and can set your office space above the rest. The straight, curved, wave and cloud structures use 24mm acoustic foam for maximum noise absorption. Resulting in a professional partitioned office, with a display of personality.

Find out more about the Morton & Concept Acoustic Office Screens

The framed design from the Morton & Concept range utilise a different design to the other dividers on the market. With the combination of acrylic, acoustic foam and enabling more than 1 fabric colour per divider, it’s safe to say the Morton & Concept screens bring a unique take on an outdated solution.

With choices on size, fabric and frame colour, the design process is left in your hands so the perfect acoustic office screens can be created for the available space.

Find out more about the Budget Acoustic Office Partitions

A high quality, cost effective acoustic partition to meet all requirements. Find the width and height of your choice and use the supplied linking strip facility to maximise the possible configuration the Budget screen has to offer.

The linking facility located on the side of the Budget divider allow the connection of numerous panels. Creating a straight wall, L shape privacy areas and the full Acoustic Meeting Pods.

Find out more about the Acoustic Desktop Dividers

In contrast with the freestanding partitions, acoustic desktop dividers require zero floor space and create a concentrated noise barrier around the desktop.

Fitted with easy fix desktop clamps, our acoustic desk screens are easy to fit and will provide instant acoustic properties within the designated area. Designed to be used on the back and sides of the desk or to be fully enclosed for less distractions.

To understand more on how the acoustic foam and high quality fabrics can benefit your space, read more on sound wave and sound absorption.

How can acoustic panels benefit your space?

The addition of sound absorbing room dividers can have a positive impact in your work environment. Rap Industries have combined premium acoustic foam and an array of fabric choices that work in tandem to absorb noise.

In terms of the effectiveness and how many screens are required is determined by the positioning, the side and also any soft furnishings already in place.

With a versatile design, the panels are useful beyond an office space. Find the correct finish for your environment and elevate your workplace design.