What does the colour blue mean to you?

A colour which can be used to represent summer, winter, flowers or ice, easily showing the versatility and the lengths a blue can go to. The colour blue can symbolise feelings, influence your internal thoughts as well as being portrayed in various ways.

As a business, we have used an electric blue shade called Medici blue as a fabric option for selected display boards and partitions which we have available for instant dispatch. Using this 1 colour allows for easy identification of the ready made products so customers can easily shop with us and receive their screens in a hurry.


Blue freestanding, instant ship pinnable office screen


But what else can it mean and how can the colour blue effect you?
  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Gives a feeling of peace and coolness
  • Provides an open mind for communication


And let’s not forget that the difference between shades can also cause varied reactions, which we find very interesting.

Light Blue represents health, softness and calm, understanding and healing.

Having a light blue wall, office partitions, chair or staff room can have a positive effect on everyone who use the room or area. The psychological effects are amazing, so to inject a sense of calm into a working environment can only be a positive.

On the flip side of calm and serene, a deep dark blue can be seen as powerful, which screams knowledge and professionalism. Whilst all of these are a long way from a negative feeling, it goes to show how the depth of a colour can empower and motivate.

Following research has shown that blue has been used as a colour choice when it comes to changing, renovating or re-decorating an office. The reason behind this is that people working within this room are more productive and focused which in turns means more work and tasks are completed.


Office with table, chairs and work space. Including free standing acoustic office screens.


A blue office can show a genuine and reliable side, which is a brilliant trait to show. Especially when you have clients and customers coming to the workplace for meetings and visits.

All in all blue is a pretty powerful colour both light and dark – maybe it’s time for a new look and to inject some calm to your work space.

5 reasons to use office screens

As manufacturers and users of office screens, we understand the selection available to you and the whole host of different uses and requirements. Most office screens have multiple uses which can be configured in different ways to work effectively for all office spaces, open floors and meeting areas.
We’ve compiled a list of 5 great reasons as to why you should use office screens and the amazing benefits.

1) Helps with noise

This is the most common of uses. The acoustic office screens have been designed with layers of foam to help absorb part of the noise within the office area. Adding multiple acoustic screens within an office will take away the daily distractions and provide a quieter environment.


Acoustic Office Screen, Concept

2) Bring the fun

Introducing office partitions doesn’t have to be boring, we touched on this last month with our monthly blog. Offices aren’t just to work in anymore – you have the freedom to create the perfect work environment whilst showing off the business values and personality. And what better way to do that then with bursts of colour and flare with decorative office dividers.


Cloud Delta Screens

3) Creating privacy

You may require a more private work area based on the job you hold or your personal working preferences. Adding an acoustic or pinnable desktop divider provides a professional office divider whilst still allowing office interaction.

Omega Desktop Screen



Tip – Adding a desktop screen gives more privacy whilst leaving the office open.



4) Add branding, logo’s or alternate fun print

A printed office partition or vision screen reveals a whole new world of partitioning. A full printed screen allows for a full custom print, this could be anything from a single logo to a complete background with vibrant images and text.
The vision screens are incorporated within an acoustic screen, so you have the best of both worlds. A fabric colour of your choice with an area to brand with a logo or image.


Morton Vision Screen


5) Create new work spaces

Adding office screens allow for changes to be made within an office with out the changes being permanent. Which is great news, as you can change the office around as and when you need. An acoustic pod can be created with a configuration of screens, creating a new work space ideal for training, meetings or overflow desks and work areas.


Acoustic Office Pod



Bright and Bold Office Partitions

Who said that an office screen must be boring?

You might cast your mind back to the dull colours, with the dark edging which in turn darkens an environment and most certainly doesn’t enhance the office you are in.

When working in an office, whether this be as a mostly open plan layout or a partitioned set up, it’s important to add some life. Sitting down day in and day out in the same environment can take its toll so your surroundings should be mentally pleasing as well as visually.



It can be bright and bold or subtle and professional, which ever route you choose to take adding a splash of colour can make all the difference. Not only lifting moral and moods but giving your employees a light and well decorated space to work hard and feel motivated.

As much as it is important to be visually and mentally pleasing, it’s a requirement to be fully functional. This is where acoustic office partitions come in to play. Strategically placed around the office to absorb the office hustle and bustle whilst being fun and playful.

Commonly made with a solid core, layered with foam and upholstered with a fabric of your choice, an acoustic divider can help with the daily distractions. The soft furnishing soaks some noise to dampen the sound and overall can have a positive effect in a louder working environment.

The acoustic ability and colour are not the end for these screens, branching out for different shapes of screens is a fantastic idea. It will bring a unique feel and can quite easily be a talking point for any visitors you have in your office.

Stepping away from the norm and out in to the bold is a way to move forward with the times and have an updated office that can be suited to everyone. Choose a Cloud, wave, straight or curve – all of which help acoustically and will grab the right attention.


We say stand out, be bold, have fun in your office and create a feature to talk about!


Office Partitions Made Easy!

Let’s talk office partitions!

Freestanding, portable, acoustic, dry wipe, printed – and that’s just to name a few. Open plan offices and floor spaces were a thing, but it seems we’re coming back around to sectioned offices and privacy compartments.

Each company or office will have their own idea of what works and what doesn’t, some love open plan and some love a good office partition. Both are available to you, adding partitions to an office, doesn’t mean you have to close everything off and shut yourself away. With a range of different solutions, a lot can be achieved, let us show you how…

Acoustic Screens

Perfect for a loud office and helps reduce the hustle and bustle of a busy environment. These screens have a foam interior to absorb the unwanted to noise to keep productivity high and distractions at a minimum. Not only helping with the noise but providing each department with a little more privacy, to get heads down and stuck in to their work load.

office partition - Acoustic


Pinnable Screens

Resembling the same exterior as a general partition, and still looking great in the office with your chosen fabric. The core has been created to accept pins, so you can go ahead and attach your information, photos and office notices. The finished product is a 2 in 1, a partition and notice board. Afterall, we all love a dual-purpose product!


Printed Partitions

This is where the fun begins. A printed screen is basically a blank canvas and can be designed with anything and everything you desire. Add a splash of bold colour and interesting artwork to flow through the office and bring the personalities alive. Any artwork added is completely custom, you can add any colour, logo or image to create a unique partition.


Printed Screen


Vision Partitions

A partition mix up – A partition with a window! Sounds great, right? Offering you the noise barrier you may require as well as making the most of the natural day light and keeping the office bright. A great solution if your vision is a 50/50 office, providing a great compromise between open plan and closed spaces.

An added benefit is you have the choice of acoustic to vision ratio!


Dry Wipe Screens

Doodle as you work or make important notes – either is fine with us! Another dual-purpose product, this is suitable for closing off an area or if you require a portable solution for training, the dry wipe screen can work wonders. Wheel in and out when required – lock the castors in place when in situ and the notes made can be transferred around the office or left in place for the next session.

Hopefully you now have a good foundation to start your research. Think about style, budget and how you will use the screen – let the shopping commence!

Dry Wipe





Fabric displays and why you should give them a go!

As 2019 unravels, new exhibition designs and stands are being advertised and promoted to grab some attention and show you what’s new and in trend.

Pop ups and modular displays are the little black dress of the exhibition world – never goes out of fashion and will save you when nothing else works. But sometimes it’s okay to venture outside of your comfort zone and try something new – who knows, you might just love it!


Curved Fabric Display


If you haven’t already heard, here’s what you need to know :-

A fabric exhibition display with an internal metal structure which creates the shape and main body of the stand. Your chosen graphic will be printed on to a stretch fabric which fits over the structure like a glove and zips at the side to complete the look.

The overall finish shows a seamless canvas with a double-sided print on most options. Providing you with double the artwork and double the advertising room – which is always an upside.


Fabric Banner Stand


This begs the question why should you choose a fabric display?

We say – Why not? With the exhibition stand market always growing with new solutions and options, it pays to try something new and hit your target audience with a new vision. Change keeps things new, fresh and exciting.

A major factor is the seamless finished product, meaning your final design will have no joins and will show your artwork as 1 continuous design. Seen as an advantage by many to ensure the exhibition display is flawless, neat and paints the perfect message.


Fabric Counter

With a range of fabric displays from stands, pop ups, arches, booths and banners, your stand will never end. Thinking ahead is the aim of the game and you always want to adapt, change and add items to your stand, another thing which is made easy by the fabric options available to you.


New you, New year, New displays.

As the saying goes, New Year, New you. But this year it sounds to us more like New year, new display – and what we mean is a new year is the best time to refresh your displays and get you set for the year ahead.

Starting the year out on the right foot is important especially when it comes to your yearly shows and events. It’s time to upgrade, refresh or completely restyle your display boards with a brand new look.

Just like printed displays you’ll be spoilt for choice which makes the decision process harder than ever, we’ll break it down for you with facts and features – Now let’s get the ball rolling…


Folding Display Boards

A light, compact and simple system. Perfect for a low traffic area and requires minimal assembly, meaning you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

The display folds away nice and neatly and can be carried away in a padded storage bag. Just because the folding display offers a simple design, this doesn’t mean the colour has to be – choose from an array of fabrics to brighten up your display. Additional to this choose a pinnable or loop nylon fabric- another option to make the choice that much harder.

Panel and Pole Systems

The name says it all – a display system consisting of panels and poles!

The beauty of this system is the flexibility, you can use as many panels as you need to create your vision. All you have to do is link them together and you’re good to go. The selection of small and large panels opens you up to a number of possibilities and makes the design great for each stand space or area you come across.

The boards are finished in a loop nylon fabric, allowing you to complete your display with posters, photos or new product information.

Build your own

Display board flexibility at its finest. The build your own option allows you to choose everything from your panel sizes, poles, headers and accessories. Finished in 1 of many loop nylon fabric colours or create your very own artwork for a complete custom printed panel or full display.

Building your own makes the display your own design and allows you to create a display perfect for you. Due to the unique design of the poles you have 4 hanging points for the boards so the shapes and configurations you can create are huge.

This should be enough to get you started – Let’s get creating!

Places you’ll most likely catch a cold and some flu fighting tips

December – what a wonderful time of year!

The air is cooler, the nights are darker, some might be hoping for snow – all the more reason to bring out the jumpers and wrap up warm. As much as the season is enjoyed, its also filled with the dreaded cold and flu symptoms.

We use a concoction of syrups and remedies to keep us well enough to make it through the day. The feeling of a stuffy nose and head is a feeling we’d like to battle in bed, but that’s not always an option.

A cold can be caught in various places, we’ve listed the most likely places and more importantly some prevention tips.

Places most likely to catch a cold


Hundreds of flights coming in from all over the world, with hundreds and thousands of people coming in and out of the airport, along with suitcases being passed and handled by many.

As we paint the picture of an over crowded terminal, it’s no surprise to hear a cold could be caught on your way to a business trip or returning from an annual family holiday.




You love your job and your colleagues, until they get ill and begin to cough and splutter near you. Moving your desk isn’t an option, so for now you’ll have to pray you won’t get sick.



Doctors waiting room

When have you ever been to the doctors because you feel great? The answer is never!

Naturally every visit to the doctors is because you are unwell or poorly in some way. A waiting room is swarming with germs and bacteria, not to mention the chairs, surfaces and toilets.



Public Transport

A bus, train or tram, all of them are tight confined spaces. Now fill that space with passengers and some with the cold or flu.

There’s no escaping – either for you or the germs.

Holding on the hand rails too? Many hands will have done the same and you may be picking up an unwanted bug.



How to prevent a cold?

It’s difficult to keep completely cold free as we are exposed to germs as part of our everyday life and sometimes we just can’t control or stop it. But we need to keep on top of our health and ensure we do what we can to fight back against the bugs.

It’s unrealistic to refrain from holding a door handle, turning a public toilet tap on or using the office mircowave but we can all make an effort to follow some top tips to prevent catching a cold.

Cold Busting Tips
  • Washing your hands
  • Hand Sanitiser (for when washing your hands isn’t a possibility)
  • Keeping Active
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes and nose
  • Take Vitamins

How to Stop the Spread of Germs in Healthcare Facilities

Controlling harmful pathogens is among the most important of all responsibilities borne by healthcare providers in either the private or public sector. The spread of germs can lead to severe complications, and patients being treated using catheters and ventilators are at particular risk. Let’s consider some of the practices that can help to limit that risk. Many of them are procedural, others involve the use of simple technologies.

Clean your Hands

An unclean pair of hands can unwittingly spread harmful microbes with frightening ease. If they’re treating hundreds of patients in a given day, the potential for contamination becomes severe. Thus the most important practical step medical practitioners can take toward germ control is to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. An alcohol-based sanitiser is an ideal solution; it’ll kill 99% of germs without the need for repeated towel-drying.


Wear a Mask

Given that so many germs are inhaled and exhaled with every breath, partitioning off the mouth becomes especially important. Masks are a useful means of stopping the spread of viral infections, and so they’re especially warranted in facilities where flu-like symptoms are treated.


Clean the Environment

Harmful microbes thrive in dirty environments. It’s for this reason that all healthcare facilities should take sanitation seriously. This means devising a cleaning plan and ensuring that all cleaning staff are made to follow a strict procedure, with limited room for creative interpretation. Toilets should be cleaned, bedsheets changed, and floors mopped, on a regular basis. This activity should be logged.


Take Food Safety Seriously

Food offers certain sorts of virus and bacteria, like salmonella, the perfect opportunity to thrive. Once they find their way into the digestive system, they can wreak havoc. Thus, the sanitary preparation of food in a medical setting is crucial. Ensure that catering staff stick to the cleanliness protocols we’ve outlined, and that patients are provided with hand-wash to use before and after they’ve eaten.


Deploy Partition Screens

Medical partition screens aren’t just a flexible means of protecting a patient’s privacy. They will also limit contact between potentially contagious patients. They’re more easily cleaned than curtains, which helps to promote a more hygienic environment. Moreover, they effectively isolate patients from non-airborne pathogens.

Ensure Waste is Dealt With

Hospital waste can often be packed with germs, and so it must be disposed of quickly. This means making waste disposal units available, and ensuring that staff make use of them. Most hazardous waste consists of blood-soaked bandages, sharps and body parts. These must be disposed of according to strict rules. Some facilities, such as those providing certain sorts of cancer treatment, will generate radioactive waste, which requires special disposal procedures.


Send Patients Home

Patients who require regular monitoring and treatment will benefit from a medical facility environment, to the extent that a minor risk of contamination is worth taking. But if there’s no reason to stay, a home environment might well be a safer one. It’ll protect patients from one another, and free up a bed!


Five ways you can use psychology to nail your graphic design

People buy when they have a need for something and consumers buy from people they trust. Knowing what your audience want before they do is how you hook them, and having a great graphic design is one way you can connect with them. Create a graphic design that appeals to predictable human behaviour and you will have nailed it. But how do you do that?

Keep it simple.

Ensure your design is simple and familiar. We humans are visual beings, we make split second decisions based on what something looks like and if it doesn’t appeal, we walk away. Take advantage of evolution and make your design relatable, easy to understand.

You won’t be there to explain to each individual customer what it is you’re trying to sell, so allow your product to sell itself. A great graphic design can also instantly change the perception of a product from complex to user friendly.


Make your graphic design attention grabbing.

The average attention span online is five seconds. That’s it. You have five seconds to pique someone’s interest and persuade them to hang around, if not they’re off. A prime example of this are modern websites.

Look at how websites have changed over the years. You can still find older websites with wonderful examples of how not to do it – pages crammed full of information, a wall of text, inaccessible to all but the most ardent reader. People don’t have time for a barrage of words, simplicity is key.

A design has to be simple to navigate, scannable, easy on the eye and the brain, designed to draw you in and capture your attention at just the right place. Art has fast become science.


First impressions count.

Like anything in life you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression, and no matter what we are told, we all (subconsciously or not) judge a book by its cover.

Don’t try and be avant garde with your graphic design. A pleasing visual, something clean and simple will appeal to more people, a complex one can put them off.


A picture paints a thousand words.

Communication is key to understanding and you don’t always have to use words to get your point across. If you can find a way to express what it is you are trying to convey without uttering a single word, you have nailed your design. Take for example colour, colour is a powerful trigger for evoking an emotional response: the colour red has been deeply ingrained in our psyche to mean danger, green implies an organic quality and babybird blue is the colour of trust.


Appeal to people’s emotions.

Make sure your graphic design has a visceral effect on those viewing it. Have it tug at their gut, create an instant connection, make them love it but not know why. This can be as simple as a beautiful photograph or a striking use of imagery or simply a combination of colours that are visually appealing to the audience.

Top 5 UK Exhibitions for Start-ups

The cost of exhibiting for any business, not just a start-up, can be astronomical, so you will want to box clever and only participate in those exhibitions that truly work for you and your business.

Exhibiting as a start-up is most definitely worth it when you realise you are quite literally shooting fish in a barrel, they are a marketing dream come true. Presenting your start-up at an exhibition gets your business in front of a captive audience who are there solely to find businesses just like yours.

Where do you uncover the best exhibitions for your start-up? Look no further, as we have listed the top 5 UK exhibitions for start-ups below.


  1. Food start-ups

 Speciality and Fine Food Show

sfff logo

This is the UK’s leading industry showcase of fine food and drink. This exhibition puts your food business directly in front of a high quality audience of top buyers looking to source the very best in food and drink. Not only do you get to present your business, but you will be in great company, standing shoulder to shoulder with people in a similar situation to you. You can discover the latest trends, see whose products have been awarded Great Taste stars and even enter the Seed Fund start-up pitch competition.


  1. Technology start-ups

Wearable technology show

With visionary speakers to inspire you, the world’s media to cover you, buyers to charm and consumers to sell to, this is the one stop shop for your tech start-up. This exhibition is the largest business and prosumer show in the UK. Network, create partnerships, build your supply chain, discover the latest tech gadgets and wearables, whatever you do, don’t miss it.


  1. Wellness start-ups


For those in the health and fitness arena there is a wealth of wellness exhibitions all around the UK for you to showcase your wellness start-up at. The SFN expo in Glasgow’s SEC is the inspirational health and fitness weekend of the year. This high energy exhibition is ideal for you to meet inspirational people in the wellness world, attend live events, meet your fellow brands, but ultimately put your start-up in front of thousands of consumers and trade buyers alike.


  1. Business start-ups

The Business Start Up Show

Image result for 40th business startup

The go-to show for anyone starting or growing their business. Listen to the UK’s leading business experts divulge their secrets, expose your business to an audience of over 25,000 other businesses and take the opportunity to sell your business and services to these highly targeted consumers. You can also take part in 170 interactive training sessions or pitch to panels of multi-millionaire investors.


  1. Home Interior Start-ups

The Ideal Home Show

Related image

Whether your business is soft furnishing production or a complete interior design service, positioning your start-up business in front of a captive audience is key to growing sales. The Ideal Home Show is the UK’s most iconic and trusted home exhibition, celebrating its 110th year this year. Generate sales, launch new products, promote your brand or network with industry key players. This is not one to miss.

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