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Places you’ll most likely catch a cold and some flu fighting tips

December – what a wonderful time of year!

The air is cooler, the nights are darker, some might be hoping for snow – all the more reason to bring out the jumpers and wrap up warm. As much as the season is enjoyed, its also filled with the dreaded cold and flu symptoms.

We use a concoction of syrups and remedies to keep us well enough to make it through the day. The feeling of a stuffy nose and head is a feeling we’d like to battle in bed, but that’s not always an option.

A cold can be caught in various places, we’ve listed the most likely places and more importantly some prevention tips.

Places most likely to catch a cold


Hundreds of flights coming in from all over the world, with hundreds and thousands of people coming in and out of the airport, along with suitcases being passed and handled by many.

As we paint the picture of an over crowded terminal, it’s no surprise to hear a cold could be caught on your way to a business trip or returning from an annual family holiday.




You love your job and your colleagues, until they get ill and begin to cough and splutter near you. Moving your desk isn’t an option, so for now you’ll have to pray you won’t get sick.



Doctors waiting room

When have you ever been to the doctors because you feel great? The answer is never!

Naturally every visit to the doctors is because you are unwell or poorly in some way. A waiting room is swarming with germs and bacteria, not to mention the chairs, surfaces and toilets.



Public Transport

A bus, train or tram, all of them are tight confined spaces. Now fill that space with passengers and some with the cold or flu.

There’s no escaping – either for you or the germs.

Holding on the hand rails too? Many hands will have done the same and you may be picking up an unwanted bug.



How to prevent a cold?

It’s difficult to keep completely cold free as we are exposed to germs as part of our everyday life and sometimes we just can’t control or stop it. But we need to keep on top of our health and ensure we do what we can to fight back against the bugs.

It’s unrealistic to refrain from holding a door handle, turning a public toilet tap on or using the office mircowave but we can all make an effort to follow some top tips to prevent catching a cold.

Cold Busting Tips
  • Washing your hands
  • Hand Sanitiser (for when washing your hands isn’t a possibility)
  • Keeping Active
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes and nose
  • Take Vitamins