Portable Room Dividers with a concertina design

Portable Room Dividers

Versatile, easy to move and features concertina panels, what more do the portable room dividers have to offer? Rap Industries have a wide range of portable dividers that include a fantastic range of finishes. Use the range of finishes in different ways throughout various work spaces and environments.

The main attraction to our collection of office dividers is the portability. Fitted with castors wheels, the portable aspect means each set of panels or single screen can be moved across different locations. Therefore, maximizing the potential of the partition and the available open plan space.

You have full control over the placement and when and where the portable partition is required. We understand how often an environment can change and the mobile screens support those changes.

Even if you’re short on space, there are a wide selection of widths and heights. The concertina design works with small, medium and large open areas. However, if the dividers are a temporary solution, the concertina design allows the panels to fold for ease of storing and movement.

Find the right finish for your space as you browse through acoustic, fabric, loop nylon, printed and easy clean finishes. Not sure which finish is right for your space? Speak to our customer service team for some advice.

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More about the Portable Room Dividers

Our range of portable room dividers consist of concertina folding screens and free standing dividers. But what are the differences?

Concertina room dividers have a folding mechanism where the panels can be folded into a compact unit and are folded flush against one another. Each of the panels are connected to the next with high quality hinges and can be moved in the folded state for ease and versatility.

The free standing dividing screens utilise panels from of our existing office screen ranges. Of which include the popular acoustic foam and fabric finish. The trip and wheelchair friendly stability feet have been swapped for lockable castor wheels, creating even more uses for the popular acoustic office screens.

When it comes to choosing the style, the concertina and freestanding solutions are different in appearance and functionality. The concertina screens are lightweight, all panels can be moved together and are a great choice for temporary or permanent placement.

The freestanding movable partitions include individual panels that are joined. When it comes to movement, the partitions should be moved singularly and can acts as more permanent office divide.

Versatility of the portable partition

Divide an area or create a room divider wall with the available dividing solutions.

The Flexi-Screens are a premium solution and can attach to the wall for more support and larger presence. By fitting to the wall via a wall linking batten you're able to create a portable wall that's easily collapsible.

A room divider wall can stretch the full width of the panels in a straight configuration, but isn't limited. Each panel can fold at the hinge point, therefore providing plenty of opportunity for alternate panel placement. Changing the angle of the panels with determine the shape and amount of space used.

Furthermore, if you need to extend the Flexi-Screen length, you can add another set of panels. Achievable with the supplied flexible linking strip.

How to choose the right Portable Room Divider for your space?

Any of the screens can work across multiple office and work place environments, but it’s important that you find the right solution for you.

Areas to consider when choosing the right portable office solution:

  • The size of the area you'd like to divider
  • What would you like to use the space for
  • Who will be using the space
  • How much space is being covered
  • And finally, which finish will enhance the current space

From the range of finishes you’ll find loop nylon, easy clean laminate, acoustic, printed and more! The available finishes also have various colours to fit with current office design and colour schemes.