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Delta Portable 66mm Acoustic Screen

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  • 5 Year Manufacture Guarantee
  • Acoustic office screens
  • Supplied with castor feet
  • Creates a portable acoustic office screen
  • All Delta office dividers are finished with a Blue piped edging
  • Total acoustic screen thickness = 66mm
  • Delta Screens have 24mm acoustic fire retardant foam on both sides
Fabric Colours available Dispatched within 10 working days Delta Acoustic Office Dividers Video Manufactured in the UK
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The Delta Acoustic Portable Room Divider Sccreen has the same great benefits and features of the Delta Acoustic screen, except we've switched the feet to wheels to create a portable screen solution.

Using castor feet gives you the opportunity to move the screen around, allowing you to place the partition into different parts of the office as and when required. If you no longer need the screen, simply wheel and store away until you have a need. The wheels include small locks for extra support.

To acheive the acoustic feature, a double layer of acoustic foam has been used on both sides of the screen to create a thick, robust and highely effective acoustic office divider. Acoustic screens are commonly used in loud environments to help dull the noise. Reducing noise levels in the workplace will remove distractions and support a productive office space. 

What are the benefits of the Delta Acoustic Portable Room Divider Screen?

  • Made in the UK
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Double layer of 12mm foam
  • Designed with high quality materials
  • Portable divider

To match your office partition to the office surroundings, we have a range of bold fun colours to choose from.

If you require any help with the sizing, please call our team on 01733 394941.

All acoustic office screens and dividers are made and manufactured in the UK, by Rap Industries.

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How does the Delta Portable Acoustic Screen differ to the standard option?

We’re still offering the same great Delta acoustic screens, but have switched from the stability feet to the castors wheels.

By adding castor wheels, we’ve been able to provide a screen with acoustic properties with the moveable aspect.

The supplied castors are lockable too!

Are you a UK manufacturer?

Yes, we are!

This is something we couldn’t prouder of. All the acoustic screening and range of office partitions are made and manufactured in the UK, in Peterborough.

Each screen is made to order based on the selected colour and size option.

Will adding castors wheel affect the height of the screen?

The portable castors wheels will add a little extra height to the overall measurement of the screen. Your acoustic screens will be raised by 77mm.

Similarly to the stability feet, the castor wheels fit perfectly wih the 2 feet slots located on the bottom egde of the office screen. 

Product specifications for the Delta Acoustic Office Screen range. 

Screen Measurements

Screen thickness - 66mm

Foot Slot Information

Straight, curve & wave footslots are 265mm in from each side (varied on screens 800mm wide & smaller)

Delta Cloud (based on the measurement at the base of the screen) 220mm in from each side


Blue piped edging - 5mm dia flexible plastic
Stability feet - Steel
*stability feet are trip and wheelchair friendly

Feet raise the screen by 25mm and protrude 230mm from either side of the screen
Castor wheels (upgrade or as part of Delta portable) Raise screen by 77mm & protrude 255mm each side of screen

Internal - 18mm solid core
Foam - double layer of 12mm fire retardant acoustic foam on each side

Fire Safety Elements

12mm Combustion Modified Foam BS 5852-2: using ignition Source 5 Crib

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Components are not considered to be a fire hazard.


Universe Fabric - Delta Standard
Universe Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 Type B

Canopy Fabric - Delta Deluxe
Era Collection has been tested toBS 7176:2007+A1:2011 Low Hazard

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