Office Partition Thicknesses

At Rap Industries, we offer a wide selection of Acoustic Office Partitions which contain solid cores and vary in foam layers. The differences with the core, form and fabric type adjusts the absorption rates but also the overall thickness of the office screen.

Throughout the site you’ll see office divider thicknesses of 42mm and 66mm, the main difference in thickness comes from the amount of acoustic foam used.

The Delta Office Dividers and Nova Office Partition Screens have a thickness of 66mm, as a 24mm foam is applied over the top of the solid core and finished with a high quality fabric. Using the additional layer of acoustic foam impacts the absorption levels and reduces the amount of echo in a room. 

Single layers of 12mm acoustic foam are used for the Morton & Concept Acoustic Screens, Budget Office Partitions and Desktop Dividers, even a single layer of foam can provide a high level of absorption and creates a big impact when used correctly.

To find out more about how acoustic foam works and the benefits it can have on your space – click here.

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Other important measurements

As standard our office dividers come with trip and wheelchair friendly stability that slot into the base of the screens. The stability feet raise the screen by 25mm and protrude 230mm on each side of the screen.

To turn a stationary office partition into a portable room divider, the castors wheel can be added. The castor wheels will raise the office screen by 77mm and protrude 255mm either side of the screen.

All the partition screen widths are the entire width and include any edging or framework, meaning the acoustic area will be marginally smaller than the overall partition size.


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