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Where to use printed office dividers

When it comes to choosing office dividers, alternate finishes to acoustic office screens are often overlooked as it might not be clear on how to make them work for your space.

One of the main attractions to the printed office screen is the level of creative freedom you have, and result in an office screen that’s designed for your space and design preferences.

Why choose printed office screens?

If your space won’t benefit from fabrics and you’re wanting to add a personal touch, printed office screens should be considered. Unlike other office divider options, the printed finish allows a fully customized finish as each panel can be printed with any logo, font or image.

Printed office screens uncover new possibilities in your office design and enables the creation of a bespoke divider that’s been manufactured especially for you space, making it one of a kind.

Portable & Static Printed Office Dividers

Portable or static – you decide.

Portable office dividers are quick and easy to grab on the go and can be wheeled to different rooms and spaces. A portable design can be used as a temporary measure, meaning all open spaces can be quickly and efficiently divided into multiple spaces.

Freestanding static dividers generally have a heavier construction and sit with stability feet, rather than castor wheels. As movement isn’t as fluid with the static screen, you’ll find them suitable as a permanent solution but can be moved should the configuration of the space change.

Feet options

Castors wheels are factory fitted on the portable, concertina room dividers, ensuring they are ready to go as soon as you’ve unboxed your new screen. Freestanding screens can be upgrade to castor wheels, and slot into the base of the screen and locked into place once in position.

When looking for semi-permanent/permanent positioning, the stability feet will provide the strength needed. Whilst the feet protrude either side of the screen, the raised profile make them trip and wheelchair friendly.

Schools, Nurseries, Educational

In an environment where learning never stops, a printed office divider can be the perfect learning and teaching aid. To support early learning groups, we’ve created various artwork designs that are compatible with the Mobi Printed Room Divider. Choose from animals, numbers and nursery rhyme designs that work to peak interest in younger children.

If you’d prefer to create your own artwork, create appropriate designs and information that suits the target age group. Not forgetting first and foremost, the partition screens are used to divide and split open spaces, the educational tool is an added bonus.

School Printed Room Dividers


Offices often need divisions between departments and areas, and if noise isn’t an issue, printed office screens are more than sufficient. Especially in an open plan offices, printed office dividers can create a fantastic focal point and successfully voice what the business has to offer with logo’s and company values.

Also ideal for dividing canteens, meeting rooms and using as an attractive feature when external visitors arrive on site.

Printed Office Screens

Medical Wards

Portable easy clean room dividers are frequently used throughout the NHS as the laminate can be easily sanitized. But in some areas such as children’s wards, we understand the need for bold colours and prints which brighten a clinical space.

What’s more, the glossy finish can be cleaned with warm soapy water to ensure the printed divider sits within the hygiene requirements of any healthcare environment.

Medical Printed Partition Screens


Tradeshows and exhibition halls call for heavy branding and eye catching designs to give your business the chance to stand out from competitors. Whilst you’ll have exhibition stands and display units, printed office dividers can be an effective tool to incorporate separate artwork from the main display stand.

Create queuing systems, market a new product or design small booths within the stand space for business talk.