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Sound Proofing Vs Sound Absorbing

Soundproof VS Sound Absorbing

Sound absorbing and sound dampening are words we use to describe our acoustic office screens. The combination of acoustic foams and fabric are what gives the acoustic products functionality. Using soft and absorbent materials are an effective way to reduce noise levels, but it’s important to understand that this doesn’t remove all noise.

Adding acoustic and sound absorbing materials act as a barrier to make a difference to noise, but won’t provide a fully sound proofed effect. Sound proofing sounds similar but means to make a room resistant to the passage of sound. Adding sound proofing materials to a room or space will eliminate noise and has the aim to retain all sound in a closed area. Often used in high level office pods, music studios and even gyms.

The main differences between them is:

Sound Absorbing – Has the ability to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels

Sound Proofing – Absorbs all sound and can leave minimal or no sound at all

Acoustic office screens provide what a space needs which is the option of reducing volumes within a reasonable budget. To help control the level of noise absorbed, we have 12mm and 24mm acoustic foams. The thicker the foam the better the absorption rate.

Rap Industries have tested the foam options against varying volumes to showcase when acoustic panels are most effective. By using this measure we’re able to confidently advise on the best screens for your office and the benefits you can gain.

Blocking out all noise isn’t a workplace requirement and having a low ambient sound can help an environment. On the other hand, loud & distracting spaces can be detrimental to employees and concentration levels. Sound dampening office solutions help by taking the distracting edge off noise, without needing a full sound proofing method.

How to target unwanted noise

Noise levels can have a staggering impact on your workplace. At Rap Industries, we want to work with you to find the right balance and target unwanted noise. We're designed various ranges and partition styles to effectively reduce noise, all whilst becoming part of your office design.

Free standing and desk dividers are possible ways to combat noise and make a design statement in the workplace. Free standing office screens are a full height panel and often sit on either stability feet or castor wheels. Working well in open areas and to divide departments and work zones.

Desk dividers are stylesdto fit onto the back and side of any desk. With a more targeted approach, acoustic desk screens tackle noise from a desk space and create personal work areas.

sound absorbing office screens

How do acoustic screens work?

As mentioned, the combination of acoustic foam and fabrics make noise control possible. As noise travels, part of the noise is absorbed into the fabric while the rest is reflected. Soft furnishings have the ability to remove noise from an environment, with small amounts being reflected back. As a comparison, a solid surface will reflect most of the sound back into the room, thus having no affect on noise levels.

For a full break down on noise frequencies and absorbing rates, read our in depth article.