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About our Portable Room Dividers

Any type of partition screen can transform an open space, taking an unused space and turning it into a room/s that can be maximized and used to suit your intended purpose. Portable Room Dividers offer the division you’re seeking, but offer more fluidity with space as the portable dividers can be used as a temporary measure.

Fitted with castor wheels and a concertina design, our portable room dividers provide smooth movement between areas and can be folded away and condensed down to narrow size. The ability to fold the panels away means that the same screen that can cover 5m of open space can also be stored in a cupboard, out of plain sight.

Mobi Portable Room Divider

The Mobi Portable Room Divider is the lightest weight portable room divider solution and consists of panels that measure 687mm wide. The width of the Mobi room divider is based on the number of panels, for example, 4 panels will cover 2760mm when used in a straight light.

When used in a straight line, the panels aren’t self supporting but each set of panels are supplied with a set of 2 stabilising feet which tighten on to the end panels. However, if you’d prefer to not use the stability, the screens much be positioned at an angle to offer the portable screen the support it needs.

The portable element of the portable room divider is based on the small black castor wheels which are factory fitting to the base of each panel. We’ve added 2 wheels per panel for ease of movement. 

Hinges at the top of the bottom of the panels link them together and create the chosen width. We’ll supply the Mobi portable divider at the ordered panel width, meaning minimal assembly is required to get the panels set up ready for use.

Mobi Portable Room Dividers

Flexi Screens Portable Partition

The Flexi Screen portable room divider provides a high quality dividing solution, for permanent or temporary use. Made with 1m wide panels, the Flexi Screen can be adjusted to cover large volumes of space by combining different sets of panels. The linking feature on the side of the end panels allows the connection of multiple Flexi Screens using the supplied flexible linking strip. If using as a permanent solution, it’s possible to use a wall linking batten to securely fasten to the wall.

Fitted with lockable castor wheels, the portable Flexi Screen can be effortlessly moved to different locations and locked into place for more security. Upgrade rubber castor wheels are available to suit different types of flooring and provide a stronger locking system. The chosen castor wheels for the portable Flexi Screen protrude 260mm from each side of the panel, this should be taken into consideration based on the environment.

Robust hinges are used to connect the 1m wide portable panels together, also making the concertina process quick and easy. Be mindful when folding the panels away that you’re folding in the correct direction.

Flexi Screen Portable Divider

Available finishes

Loop Nylon

A Velcro-friendly material covers both sides of each panel, not only suitable for dividing a space but enabling the attachment of posters and printed media to create attractive displays.


Printed panel finish for the Mobi room divider offers the highest level of customization without any restrictions. Create bespoke artwork for the double sided panels, incorporating any images and text you’d like to use to represent your business.


White gloss and grey matte laminate are available as the laminate solutions. White gloss laminate has an easy clean finish, accepting anti-bacterial sprays and cleaning solutions for bacteria maintenance. Also, accepting dry wipe pens adding a white board finish to the portable room dividers.

Woven fabric

A woven fabric available in over 10 fabric colours to tie your colour schemes together and bring the company colours in the workspace.

Anti-Bacterial (Mobi Only)

Designed for medical and healthcare environments, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fabric has been treated with a sanitized technology to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. Easy maintenance requires cleaning with warm soapy water.

Mobi Portable Screen wheels Flexi Screen Wheels

Freestanding Office Screens  

Our range of freestanding office screens, regardless of the finish, can be made into a portable office screen. Normally, the freestanding office screens are supplied with trip and wheelchair friendly feet, giving the screens a static finish. However, it’s possible to upgrade from the stability feet to castor wheels, allowing any of the freestanding screens to be turned into a portable room divider.

The range of concertina dividers doesn’t offer an acoustic solution as it’s not possible to use an acoustic foam and create a divider that can fold flush together. But with the individual screen method it’s possible to look at other office screen finishes that meet your requirements, all whilst being portable.

Portable acoustic office dividers