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Nova 66mm Acoustic Office Partition Screens

Dispatched within 10 working days

  • Upholstered using fabric from the X2 collection
  • Screen height of up to 2m
  • Finished with black durable edging
  • Manufactured with 24mm acoustic foam on both sides of the screen
  • Total screen thickness = 66mm
  • A non linking screen design
  • Supplied with trip and wheelchair friendly stability feet
X2 Fabric Collection Dispatched within 10 working days Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screen Video Made in the UK
£270.00 £225.00

About the Nova 66mm Acoustic Office Partition Screens 

The Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screens have a simple design but make a massive impact when placed in a busy, loud and fast paced environment. The acoustic office partitions have smooth round edges and a durable black edging to complete the overall finish. Freestanding acoustic office partitions are ideal if you are dividing a large open space, require individual booth, or can even be used between desks.

To enhance the acoustic properties, the Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screens use a double layer of 12mm foam on both sides of the screens. The X2 fabric collection has been made with 100% recycled polyester and provides a wide range of fabric colours to ensure you have a colour option suitable for you.

Each Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screens comes supplied with stability feet. Whilst they protrude on either side, the raised profile ensures they are trip and wheelchair friendly. To make certain there are no limits as to where the Nova office partition can be placed.

The double layer of acoustic foam covers the entire partition screen, front and back. The acoustic foam reduces noise and removes a level of distractions needed for a productive day.

For more fabric options, view the Nova Deluxe 66mm Acoustic Office Screens

What are the benefits of the Nova Acoustic Office Partition Screens?

  • Double layer of acoustic foam
  • Screen height of up to 2m
  • Made in the UK
  • Wide selection of fabric colours
  • Professional and high quality finish

All acoustic office screens and office partitions are made and manufactured in the UK, by Rap Industries.

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How stable are the Nova Partition Screens?

Once the stability feet have been added, the Nova Acoustic Screens are robust and stable and work effectively to divide open space and reduce noise volumes.

The trip and wheelchair friendly feet protrude 230mm from each side to provide the support needed in light & heavy traffic environments.

Can I link the Nova Office Dividers together?

The Acoustic Nova Screens have a non linking design, so it’s not possible to link or connect then together.

However, the office partitions can be placed next to one another to create a screen configuration, fit for the available space.

How can the Nova Acoustic Office Screen benefit my environment?

With the use of acoustic fabric which has been double layered on both side of the office screen, the Nova dividers will help with noise reduction in the workplace.

It has been proven that reduced noise levels can increase concentration.