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Delta Acoustic Desktop Divider

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  • Acoustic desk divider
  • Supplied with drill through clamps
  • 12 fabric colours available from the Universe collection.
  • Upgrade to C clamps available
  • Non linking desktop divider 
  • Uses a double layer of 24mm foam
  • Screen core is pressed together under immense pressure to make it extremely robust.
  • All office dividers are finished with blue piping edging.
  • Still not convinced? Come along to our showroom in Peterborough to see for yourself!
Fabric Colours available Dispatched within 10 working days Guarantee supplied with all Delta Screens manufactured in the UK Part of our Delta Screen range
£84.00 £100.80 £84.00

The Delta Acoustic Desktop Divider takes acoustic screening to the next level with a double layer of foam on both sides of the office partition. The double layer of 24mm acoustic foam will absorb noise, reducing sound with the hope of increasing productivity and concentration levels. Adding acoustic desk dividers will separate large desks and spaces to create individual work spaces which allow for easy communication.

Each of the acoustic desk screens are upholstered with fabric from the Universe Collection, allowing you to select the perfect colour to match your office setting and current décor. The finishing touch adds a modern twist, with the use of blue piped edging, adding a contrast to your fabric choice.

To ensure you have an easy set up we have included drill through clamps, however if you wish to upgrade to C clamps you have the option to do so. Both options securely fasten the desk divider to your chosen work space.

All the office partitions and desk dividers are made and manufactured in the UK, by Rap Industries.

What are the benefits of Acoustic Desktop Screens?

  • Acoustic foam helps reduce noise levels
  • Divides in to separate workstations
  • Adds to current office design
  • Quick & easy install
  • Large selection of fabric colours & sizes
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