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premium acoustic office screens

Premium Acoustic Office Screens

Make a bigger impact with the Premium acoustic office screens. As a high end acoustic solution, our collection of screens use 24mm acoustic foam and high-quality fabrics to provide high absorption levels. Using a thicker foam ensures the screens are able to absorb more sound at a lower frequency.

As part of the Premium range, we’ve added the Delta and Nova partitions that excel in noise reduction and office design. With modern curved edges and unique shapes it’s possible to divide the office like never before. Bold colours and pattern fabrics show that creativity can boost the office atmosphere.

Our acoustic partitions are designed to maximise your space potential and provide you with a workplace that meets your needs. Making small yet impactful changes to office equipment will positively influence the space. Incorporating highly acoustic foams and fabric to take control of noise is just one step to amend the office design to create a comfortable work environment for all departments.

Find out more about the office partition thickness and how this is calculated - click here.

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  1. Nova 66mm Acoustic Desk Dividers
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Mid range acoustic office screens

Choosing Premium Acoustic Office Screens from Rap Industries

The premium office partitions are premium in quality and the way in which we manufacture. As a UK manufacturer, we take pride and care when it comes to making your chosen dividing solution. Our aim is to create office furniture that will last through office changes and be part of the design for a long time to come.

About the Delta acoustic office dividers

An exclusive design to Rap Industries and has a style like no other. The cloud shape is our most unique screen and works as a real eye catcher. The curves of the cloud fit in line with the next to create a partition wall or configuration that differs from the norm.

The edging of the Delta dividers are also distinguishable. We use a bright blue piped edging that is the perfect contrast again the fabric. Resulting in a professional yet fun finish.

If woven fabric isn’t what your space needs, choose the Delta Velvet Acoustic Screen. A soft touch, velvet feel fabric that has over 15 different patterns available. Suitable for schools, waiting rooms or any open office space.

Selecting the Nova Deluxe Office Partitions

The Nova Deluxe design includes 24mm acoustic foam as well as an acoustic fabric for yet another aspect of acoustic support. Made with 100% wool, the Nova Deluxe is our top contender for noise reduction in the workplace.

Similarly to the Delta, the Nova has curved edges and a soft finish which has modernized the standard office screen design. When positioned correctly and used in the right areas, the Nova dividers can make a massive impact to the space.

Design your own configuration, use the Nova screens as stand alone units or cluster multiple screens together. The benefits of using free standing office screens is the ease of movement and adjustment, so when the office layout changes, so can the partitions.

Premium Acoustic Desk Screens

The premium touch doesn't stop with the free standing screens. Our selection of Nova & Delta designs stretch to acoustic desk screens too! Attaching the desk dividers to the sides and back of the desk to transform an open desk into an individual work zone.

Adding more privacy to a desk space can enhance concentration and give the effect of a personal cubicle. Having the right tools in place makes sure you're able to work to maximum efficiency.

Upgrading to the easy fix desk clamps fixes the desk panels into place without causing any damage to the desktop. Ensuring ease of movement for future changes and placement adjustments.

How to adapt an office screen configuration

The premium acoustic office screens are a non linking screen, but that doesn’t affect the available placement options. Position the panels as close as possible to the next for a seamless connection. Partition walls, L shapes and meeting areas are possible when looking to add privacy in the office.

As the screens aren’t linked, the ability to move and reposition is an easy process too.