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Morton 42mm Freestanding Acoustic Office Screens

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Dispatched within 10 working days

  • 5 Year Manufacture Guarantee
  • Freestanding Acoustic Office Partition
  • Free of charge set of Stabilising feet & 2 way linking strip included.
  • Finished in Silver or Black Paintwork
  • Strong Aluminium frame with high quality powder coated paintwork
  • Acoustic Surface on both sides of the Upholstered Office Screen.
  • Covered with a 12mm acoustic fire retardant foam both sides
  • Manufactured with 18mm solid core
  • Total screen thickness = 42mm
  • Morton Acoustic Screen height of up to 2m
  • Screen is pressed together under immense pressure to make it robust.
  • Available in a choice of 25 Fabric Colours
  • Bespoke Screen sizes available.
Woven Fabric Colours for Partition Screens Dispatched within 7 working days Morton Acoustic Office Dividers Video Made in the UK
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Morton Acoustic Office Screens have been designed with style and function in mind. Our acoustic office partitions use a layer of 12mm foam, on both sides to add high quality acoustic properties. Adding foam to an office screen will help with the reduction in noise, resulting in increased concentration and productivity levels.

The design of the Morton Freestanding Office Divider opens new possibilities for your office spaces, ensuring you can maximise each area. The linking facility located on the side of the partition accepts the supplied linking strips, allowing each screen to be connected to the next. Create an acoustic barrier, meeting room or office pod, the versatile acoustic divider can do it all!

Each screen has an aluminium frame, which can be selected in white, black or silver. To enhance and coordinate your screens pick a fabric colour of your choice from the wide colour selection we have available.

You’ll also be supplied with stability feet for your partition screens, which are trip and wheelchair friendly. The stability feet fit into the base of the screen for quick and simple installation.

The Morton Acoustic Screens are upholstered both sides in our Woven Fabric range, which has a result of 40,000 rubs on the Martindale cycle test. The Woven fabric has also been tested in accordance with BS EN 1021 - 1 for flame retardancy.

What are the benefits of the Morton Acoustic Office Screen?

  • Acoustic office partitions help with noise levels.
  • Screen height up to 2m
  • Each screen is made in the UK
  • Divides open plan spaces
  • Customisable options available
  • Creates separated or single workspaces

All office dividers and office partitions are made in the UK, by Rap Industries.

PLEASE NOTE: These colour samples are for guidance and representation only. Due to limitations with colour screen viewing, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Fabric samples are available on request. Please call our customer service team on 01733 394941.

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Product specifications for the Morton Acoustic Office Screen range. 

Frame Measurements

Frame thickness - 28mm
Frame width - (side bars) - 50mm / (Top & bottom bar) - 22mm
Acoustic screen thickness (Core, foam & fabric) - 42mm

Foot slots in the frame are 290.5mm in from each end (Varied on screens 800mm W & smaller)


Frame - Powder coated aluminium
Stability feet - Steel
*stability feet are trip and wheelchair friendly

Feet raise the screen by 25mm and protrude 230mm from either side of the screen
Castor wheels (upgrade or as part of Morton portable) Raise screen by 77mm & protrude 255mm each side of screen

Internal - 18mm solid core
Foam - 12mm fire retardant acoustic foam
Linking strips - Flexible PVC

Fire Safety Elements

12mm Combustion Modified Foam BS 5852-2: using ignition Source 5 Crib

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Extrusions has a melting of 660°C and is not considered to be a fire hazard.

Components are not considered to be a fire hazard.


Woven Fabric - Morton Standard
Woven Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 & BS 7176 2007

Universe Fabric - Morton+
Universe Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 Type B

How customizable are the Morton Acoustic Screens?

Being able to choose how your new office screens look is important to ensure they look right and are fit for purpose. You’re able to choose;

  • Size
  • Fabric colour
  • Framework colour

Are the Morton Screens linkable?

All Morton Office Screens are linkable and can be connected with other screens from the range. Flexible linking strips are included with each screen so you can link the screens as soon as you begin to set them up.

How long will dispatch take?

As a UK manufacturer, we make each acoustic partition to order. To ensure we deliver a high quality product we require 7-10 working days to dispatch.

7 day dispatch is available with the express manufacture

What’s the difference between Morton & Morton+ ?

The Morton & Morton+ have the same construction, however the Morton+ offers another fabric option with a wide choice of fabrics.

With 2 fabric selections available, we're confident you'll be able to find the right colour for your environment.

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