Morton Acoustic Office Screens




The Morton Office Partitions are our most varied designs as we’ve ventured into a combination of materials that expand the environments in which the Morton office screens can be used.

Morton Acoustic Office Partitions use a layer of 12mm acoustic foam on both sides of the screens, which proves extremely effective in high volume workspaces. Acoustic foam is a sponge like material that removes soundwaves from the air, therefore reducing noise and creating a comfortable working environment.

However, acoustic support isn’t all the Morton partition range has to offer. By combining fabric/laminate with Perspex, the Glazed Office Partitions are tailored for more than reducing noise. The combination of fabric and acrylic create a different dynamic and targets different issues whilst adding an alternate appearance to the fully acoustic partition screens.

Acoustic, glazed and laminate office screens are available as a freestanding and desktop dividers. The Morton Freestanding Office Dividers included stability feet which slot into designated areas at the base of the screen. To remove any health and safety issues, the stability feet have a raised profile making them trip and wheelchair friendly. To fix the Morton Desktop Dividers into place, there’s a choice of drill through or an upgraded easy fix clamps. The easy fix clamps are quick and easy to fix, both assembly methods can be found here.

All Morton Office Screens are compatible with each other, and the supplied linking strip make it possible to create a custom configuration. Use the flexible linking strips to create straight combinations or flex to a 90 degree angle to create corners of a work booth or acoustic office pod.

View the PDF assembly guide for the Morton Office Partitions