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curve acoustic office partitions from Rap Industries

Curve Acoustic Office Partitions

The curve acoustic office partition range offers an alternative to the standard straight screens and adds some shape to any pod or screen configuration. Our curve screens can be used in addition to the standard shape, or as a stand alone panel to make a small private pod or single person seating area.

As part of the acoustic office screen range, all curved partitions include a 12mm or 24mm high quality acoustic foam. Foam and high-quality woven fabrics work together to bring down noise volumes in a busy work space. Implementing sound absorbing screening has the potential to make a significant impact. The curve design looks the part with a modern finish to accentuate the environment.

The size of the curve remains the same across all ranges and creates the perfect corner section. When positioned along side a straight or wave top partition, you’re able to create a layout to amply your current office design.

As a UK manufacturer we are proud to say we make all our office screens to order. Ensuring high quality materials are used, made with care and delivered in a timely fashion. Use the size options and wide selection of fabric colours to design a screen of your choice, to coincide with your current office styling.

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More about the Curved Acoustic Office Dividers

The Morton, Nova, Concept, Delta and Budget office screen ranges all have a curve option available. By expanding the individual ranges, more configurations can be created, therefore being suitable for any space, regardless of the size.

Acoustic curved office partitions add variety to the standard office partition and can be used in different ways. Each range has it's own style of curve to ensure compatibility. The dividers that have a linking facility will include a flexible linking stripe. For the screens that don't, they can sit flush next to each other, side by side.

As the different ranges have their own curve, all screens from the same range are compatible, so linking and combining straights, waves and curves can be done with ease.

Choose your size, colour and edging colour to create a partition screen fit for your space. Have some fun with the colours, mix and match and watch as your office space comes alive and a fresh new office design comes together. Offices can be bold and colourful, creating the perfect setting for a motivated team.

We’re proud to say at Rap Industries, we make and manufacture all of our office partitions, acoustic office screens and desktop dividers to order. By doing so we can promise a high-quality screen, with fantastic materials.

Shop the full range to find the right size, style and finish for you!

What are the benefits of adding a curved acoustic divider?

Firstly, the addition of acoustic foam to any space is going to make an impact. With the ability to absorb sound, dampening noise levels and creating a comfortable work environment.

The combination of the curve shape and the acoustic properties mean you can extend an office screen configuration. Incorporating the soft curve to a run of straight screens, softens the look and results in a corner like section.

A corner section is useful when designing work pods, training rooms and acoustic office pods.

Available office partition frames and edging

Throughout the range of acoustic office screens, we offer a range of edging finishes.

Some partitions have a powder coated aluminium frame, available in black, silver and white. The frame is part of the linking partitions and comes supplied with the flexible linking strip.

The possible edging options are black and grey. However, the Delta still makes use of the signature bright blue edging for an interesting contrast.