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Portable Classroom Display Boards

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  • Grey Castor Feet included
  • Screen height up to 2m
  • Upholstered in loop nylon fabric each side
  • Each panel is 1000mm wide, e.g a 5 panel is 5000mm.
  • The system height is approx including castor feet.
  • Durable Grey PVC edge finish to panels.
  • Portable Classroom Display Boards can be linked together with a link strip.
Loop Nylon Fabric Colours for Flexi Screens Dispatched within 10 working days Portable Display Boards Portable Display Boards
£352.80 £294.00

About the Portable Classroom Display Boards

The Portable Classroom Display Boards have an easy to use concertina design, which is easy to move, store and utilise in different ways around the workplace. The 1m wide panels provide a robust divider, that securely divide open plan space and shelter any area that needs extra privacy.

In comparison to a freestanding office screen, the Portable Classroom Display Boards can be moved with ease, therefore making it possible to choose as when you would like the space divided. Choose when you’d like the screen out and also the area that you would like to divide. There are no limits as to where the Loop Nylon Flexi-Screen can be used and will enhance each and every space.

The loop nylon fabric is available in over 10 colours and enables the choice to match your current surrounds. Furthermore, the loop nylon fabric can be used as a displays board. Loop nylon accepts hook fixings, enabling the display of images, coursework, information etc.

Made with 1m wide panels, the Portable Classroom Display Board is available up to 5m wide. If you require a wider configuration, don’t worry as you can link sets of the portable screens together. Located on the side of the screen, you’ll find the linking tab and a linking strip.

If you are looking for a more permanent feature, choose a wall mounted batten to securely fix the portable room divider to the wall. To add extra security, lock the castors in place with the lock function on the wheels.

View freestanding and folding display board panels

What are the benefits of the Portable Classroom Display Boards?

  • Loop nylon fabric, accepts hook dots
  • Select a fabric colour of choice
  • Portable screen
  • Concertina design
  • Height of screen up to 2m

All office partitions and portable room dividers are made and manufactured in the UK, by Rap Industries. 

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