Magic Stools and Tables, perfect for any reception area or breakout area

Tables & Stools

Within our furniture collections of chairs and seating options, we've created a range of corresponding tables and stools to compliment the ranges with the same contemporary look and strength. The ranges of tables and stools available are completely customisable, with choices in fabrics and finishes, base options and styles.

Our low stools have been designed to double up as seating, making them perfect for any reception area or breakout zones. With tables to match, you can create a welcoming front of house for your business. The Kruze Stool is perfect for use with any bar or poseur tables, with a choice of backless or including a back depending on your requirement.

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  1. Magic Stool
    £536.00 £643.20 £536.00
  2. Magic Island Stool
    £1,039.00 £1,246.80 £1,039.00
  3. Magic Table with Laminate Top
    £583.00 £699.60 £583.00
  4. Teal Stool
    £300.00 £360.00 £300.00
  5. Kruze Stool with 4 Leg Frame
    £338.00 £405.60 £338.00
  6. Kruze Stool with Trumpet Base
    £481.00 £577.20 £481.00
  7. Flamingo Table
    £354.00 £424.80 £354.00
  8. Flamingo Height Adjustable Table
    £422.00 £506.40 £422.00
  9. Kruze Circular Coffee Table
    £517.00 £620.40 £517.00
  10. Kruze Square Meeting Table
    £559.00 £670.80 £559.00
  11. Kruze Circular Meeting Table
    £564.00 £676.80 £564.00
  12. Kruze Circular Poseur Table
    £609.00 £730.80 £609.00
  13. conference meeting table
    Matrix Rectangle Conference Table
    £1,236.00 £1,483.20 £1,236.00
  14. conference meeting table, office furniture
    Reflex Octagonal Conference Table
    £1,629.00 £1,954.80 £1,629.00
  15. rectangle meeting table
    Reflex Large Rectangular Meeting Table
    £2,162.00 £2,594.40 £2,162.00
  16. Reflex small meeting and conference table.
    Reflex Small Rectangular Meeting Table
    £1,024.00 £1,228.80 £1,024.00
  17. square meeting table
    Reflex Square Meeting Table
    £971.00 £1,165.20 £971.00
  18. Circular Meeting table
    Reflex Circular Meeting Table
    £994.00 £1,192.80 £994.00
  19. D Ended conference table, suitable for meeting rooms and conferences.
    Linnea Double 'D' Ended Conference Table
    £940.00 £1,128.00 £940.00
  20. Linnea Meeting Table
    Linnea Meeting Table
    £475.00 £570.00 £475.00
  21. Lux octagonal meeting table
    Lux Octagonal Conference Table
    £1,629.00 £1,954.80 £1,629.00
  22. Lux Large Rectangular Meeting Table
    Lux Large Rectangular Meeting Table
    £2,162.00 £2,594.40 £2,162.00
  23. Modern office and meeting table / work bench
    Lux Small Rectangular Meeting Table
    £1,024.00 £1,228.80 £1,024.00
  24. square meeting table
    Lux Square Meeting Table
    £971.00 £1,165.20 £971.00
  25. Lux Circular Meeting Table
    Lux Circular Meeting Table
    £994.00 £1,192.80 £994.00
  26. Lux High Bench Table
    Lux High Bench Table
    £1,416.00 £1,699.20 £1,416.00
  27. Lux double bench
    Lux Double Bench
    £1,226.00 £1,471.20 £1,226.00
  28. combined double workspace, with 4 seats.
    Lux Combined Double Bench
    £2,363.00 £2,835.60 £2,363.00
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Office Tables from Rap Industries

We offer a range of office tables and stools with options that include:

  • Height adjustable - for comfort designed to you
  • Choice of bases - 4 leg, 4 star, 5 star, sled, castors plus many more
  • Range of base finishes - chrome and painted
  • Choice of fabric finish, mfc, laminate or veneer top
  • Variety of sizes; coffee tables, laptop tables, meeting tables, poseur tables
  • Options for with back or without back
  • Stools can be used as seating in waiting areas


We offer a full installation service wherever you are for an additional cost, speak to one of our installation team today for a dedicated price on 01733 394941.

All our Tables and Stools are provided with a manufacturer's guarantee although this varies in length depending on the product range. Guarantees are listed on the individual product pages or contact us for more information.

Environmental Impact
As a company we try to do our part for the environment and our society in the manufacturing of our products. With our furniture we only work with credible suppliers who use ehtically sourced material and components, and the products are designed to have a high level of end-of-life recyclability. Any redundant furniture is redistributed to charities and other causes, and unsuitable furniture is broken down to be recycled.