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ATOM 6 person huddle, the perfect breakout area pod

Breakout Area Pods


p>The distinction between what classes as a meeting pod and a breakout area is forever changing, with many companies now choosing to utilise the relaxtion facilities with informal meetings. In many cases a larger, corporate meeting space is still required for board meetings and enteraining important clients, but for those smaller interdepartmental discussions, a seating booth that can double up as a recreational space does the trick.

Not only known for their dual purpose, a Breakout Area pod is often more comfortable than an official meeting room, with soft seating upholstered in your chosen fabric finish. The pods are also more open, with no doors to lock and natural light flowing in.

Breakout Are Pods are also perfect collaborative working spaces, allowing a team the ideal space to get together away from their normal workstations to let their ideas flow. What's more, if you require an emergency space for someone to work on a laptop or tablet, the pods are perfect with their built in tables and often electrics too!

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  1. Safeguard Meeting Pod
    £4,365.60 £3,638.00
  2. Cega Acoustic Privacy Seat
    £2,974.80 £2,479.00
  3. Cocoon Media Unit
    £3,284.40 £2,737.00
  4. Cocoon Media Booth
    £16,220.40 £13,517.00
  5. Raft Plus Semi Circle Booth
    £7,534.80 £6,279.00
  6. Raft Plus Rectangle Booth
    £9,835.20 £8,196.00
  7. Hemm Double Acoustic Seat Pod
    £1,880.40 £1,567.00
  8. Hemm Single Acoustic Booth
    £3,919.20 £3,266.00
  9. Hemm Double Acoustic Booth
    £5,640.00 £4,700.00
  10. Mango Privacy Seat
    £1,629.60 £1,358.00
  11. ATOM 6 Person Huddle
    £10,388.40 £8,657.00
  12. ATOM 8 Person Magnet Seating
    £13,851.60 £11,543.00
  13. ATOM 8 Person Circle Seating
    £6,928.80 £5,774.00
  14. ATOM 10 Person Huddle
    £17,310.00 £14,425.00
  15. ATOM 10 Person Ellipse Seating
    £17,310.00 £14,425.00
  16. ATOM 4 Person Booth
    £10,195.20 £8,496.00
  17. ATOM 10 Person Wave Seating
    £18,387.60 £15,323.00
  18. ATOM 10 Person Oval Seating
    £18,387.60 £15,323.00
  19. ATOM 5 Person Seating
    £8,655.60 £7,213.00
  20. Entente Media Booth
    £6,885.60 £5,738.00
  21. Myriad Huddle
    £8,042.40 £6,702.00
  22. Myriad Crescent
    £7,082.40 £5,902.00
  23. Myriad Propellor
    £7,082.40 £5,902.00
  24. Myriad Cross
    £9,751.20 £8,126.00
  25. Esteem Acoustic Office Pod
    £4,468.80 £3,724.00
  26. Inspire Office Pod
    £4,386.00 £3,655.00
  27. Grand Acoustic Office Pod
    £5,368.80 £4,474.00
  28. Prestige Acoustic Office Pod
    £6,288.00 £5,240.00
  29. Elegance Acoustic Office Pod
    £6,676.80 £5,564.00
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31 Items

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Our Breakout Area Pods are designed with dual purpose in mind; when office space is limited you need a space that will do everything from internal staff discussions, client meetings and provided a breakout space with your employees that is both professional and relaxed.

We know every office needs a Breakout Pod, but here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Can be used for both breakout area and meetings
  • Comfortable and contemporary
  • Less formal, great for catch up meetings
  • Promotes collaborative working
  • Provides an additional workspace
  • Encourages f1exible working
  • Both professional and cozy space for clients
  • Main meeting room booked? Provides a 2nd space

We offer a full installation service wherever you are for an additional cost, speak to one of our installation team today for a dedicated price on 01733 394941.

All our Breakout Area Pods are provided with a manufacturer's guarantee although this varies in length depending on the product range. Guarantees are listed on the individual product pages or contact us for more information.

Worldwide Installation Available from Rap Industries