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Mobi 6 Panel Portable Room Dividers

Dispatched within 4 working days

  • Upholstered both sides in your chosen loop nylon fabric.
  • Finished with a Slim Aluminium Silver frame
  • Each Panel is 687mm wide. Total width is 4140mm.
  • Available in 3 heights 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm.
  • Mobi system height shown is approx including the castor feet.
  • Manufacutred with a lightweight core
  • Manufactured and designed in the UK by Rap Industries

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Fabric Colours Dispatched within 4 working days product video Manufactured in the UK by Rap Industries
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About the Mobi 6 Panel Portable Room Dividers

The Mobi Portable room dividers in a loop nylon fabric have a lot to offer as they’re a divider and display board rolled into one. Use both functions or one at a time, it’s completely your choice. However, the combination of designs can be useful in an educational setting, training room and reception areas where notices are constantly displayed.

When all 6 portable panels are used in a straight line and at full size, it possible to cover 4140mm. We’ve attached x6 687mm wide panels but the configuration can be changed, which in turn will affect the amount of area that will be covered. Try a U shape, L Shape or bespoke shape, but just remember when using in a straight line the supplied stability feet should be included. Regardless of the shape, the feet can help with additional support.

The concertina design is a useful feature, especially when the room divider isn’t permanent feature and can be moved often. Simple use the hinges to fold the panels together, which results in a slimline unit that is the ideal size to be stored away or wheeled to a new area of the room. What’s more, if the space doesn’t call for it, not all panels have to be full open, enabling more choice when it comes to width.

If less panels are required, view the Mobi 2 Panel Portable Room Divider.

What are the benefits of the Mobi 6 Panel Portable Room Divider?

  • Covers 4140mm
  • Choose from 3 height options
  • Concertina design
  • Supplied with stability feet
  • Lightweight panels

All portable room dividers and partition walls made in the UK, by Rap Industries.

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Product specifications for the Mobi Portable Room Divider Range

Frame & panel measurements

Frame thickness - 11mm
Frame width (Top Bar) - 15mm /(Bottom Bar) - 47mm
Panel size - 687mm
Stability feet - 500 x 50 x 4mm

From bottom of panel to floor - 50mm


Frame - Powder coated aluminium
Castor wheels - Polypropylene
Stability Feet - Steel
*Stability feet are trip and wheelchair friendly with round edges

Fire Safety Elements

Tested to standard UNE EN 13501-1:07+A1:2010

Garbe fabric collection has been tested and passed BS 5852 Crib 5 - EN1021 1+2
Flammability performance is dependent upon components used

Loop Nylon
Loop Nylon fabric has been tested to BS 5867-2 : Type B : 2008
Flammability performance is dependent upon components used

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Has a melting of 660°C and is not considered to be a fire hazard.

Panel Finish Information

Easy Clean: HPL (high pressure laminate)

Anti-Bacterial: Garbe Fabric 88% PVC / 12% Poly/Cotton

Fabric: Brushed loop nylon

Printed: Gloss varnish finish

Product Weights for Mobi Loop Nylon

Box Size

Please note: box sizes & quantities vary based on order volume and panel size. 

1200mm High = 130 x 75 x 10cm

1500mm High = 160 x 75 x 10cm

1800mm high = 190 x 75 x 10cm


Weight includes all framework, stability feet & packaging

1200mm High

2 way - 6.3kg
3 way - 8.3kg
4 way - 17.2kg
5 way - 14.3kg
6 way - 16.6kg
7 way - 18.1kg
8 way - 19.6kg
9 way - 22.1kg

1500mm High

2 way - 7.25kg
3 way - 10.1kg
4 way - 15.4kg
5 way - 17.3kg
6 way - 21kg
7 way - 21.6kg
8 way - 23.6kg
9 way - 26.6kg    

1800mm High

2 way - 9.8kg
3 way - 14.3kg
4 way - 17.3kg
5 way - 18.5kg
6 way - 21.5kg
7 way - 25kg
8 way - 32kg
9 way - 35.6kg   

Are the Mobi Room Dividers suitable for all spaces?

Yes, we have been sure to design a versatile room divider which can be used in different spaces. The light weight and slimline design ensures the screen is suitable for large, open plan spaces as well as smaller locations.

How can I use the Loop Nylon fabric?

The loop nylon fabric has been chosen as it gives the portable room dividers multiple uses.

Not only will the Mobi portable screen be suitable to divide spaces, but the loop nylon fabric accepts hook stick dots or tape. The combination of both will allow you to display or attach notices.

Can I choose the size?

The Mobi Portable Room Dividers have a set panel size of 687mm, but you do have a choice of how many panels wide you go. There are also 3 height options, presenting a size to fit all spaces.

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