Mobi Portable Room Dividers offer a lightweight dividing solution, available in various panel widths. Each panel of the Mobi partition is 687mm and at the largest size can cover over 6m. Where the panels connect is the point as to where the fold can be made, use the number of panels to create a straight line, L shape or even a small private booth.

Each panel includes 2 small castors wheels which provide the right amount of portability to effortlessly move the Mobi Room Divider between spaces. The concertina design enables the panels to open to the full width, or decrease to the slimline size that fits in to storage.

We’ve created a Mobi Portable Room Divider for a vast range of industries and workspace. Select from Loop nylon and anti-bacterial fabrics, white gloss laminate and printed finishes.

The white gloss laminate is a popular choice amongst healthcare professionals as the laminate can be deep cleaned. Able to accept strong bleach and chlorine based cleaning solutions, the easy clean mobile screens are suitable for medical environments such as hospitals and GP’s. The laminate finish can be useful in schools and offices too, as the panels are compatible with drywipe pens and convert into whiteboard panels.

Loop nylon is a fabric commonly used with display boards as you can attach displays with hook tape, and the loop nylon mobile screen is no different. Use the panels as a method to display important notices, within an exhibit or as a general divider. The dual purpose room divider ensures you have exactly what you need in 1 set of panels.

Supplied with stability feet to allow the straight configuration, the Mobi Portable Room Divider can be used without the feet when positioned in to a L shape, Zig zag etc. If extra support is required, central feet are available as an accessory.

View PDF assembly instructions for the Mobi Mobile Divider