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Portable Partitions, Room Dividers and Training Rooms from Rap Industries

Room Dividers & Portable Partitions

Room Dividers quickly and easily divide open environments. These portable partitions combine a lightweight design with strong and sturdy panels. Resulting in a simple-to-use system that can be rolled out instantly. The foldable room dividers can be customised in various ways, including the number of panels as well as the fabric colour. Ensuring the divider can integrate with the existing aesthetic of your current environment.

The portable nature of the room divider screen means they excel in open plan environments such as offices, classrooms, gymnasiums and more. In particular, the portable room divider can be used to create privacy or completely divide spaces to allow separate activities to take place. The room dividers on wheels can be manufactured with a number of different finishes such as laminate panels or printed panels, allowing them to be much more than just a dividing partition.

We design and manufacture all the portable partitions here at Rap Industries and tailor each order to suit the needs of our clients. Loop nylon, woven fabric, white gloss laminate and printed surfaces are all available as a room divider finish and can elevate the use of a space. The range of choices open up a wealth of options that can be found on the individual product page.

Choose between a single portable screen or the concertina design which links numerous panels together. The use of castor wheels ensures the portable room dividers move smoothly around to different locations. Many of the designs can be used in multiple ways, meaning the space also becomes multipurpose.

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