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Open Plan Room Dividers

Working in an open plan space means leaving an entire floor open without any division. The open plan design is light, airy and provides full visibility to the room. However, as open as the space may be, the environment can be loud, distracting and offers no privacy.

Dividing a large space into department areas, personal work spaces and meetings rooms is a great way to use the room effectively. With the help of acoustic office partitions, part glazed screens and laminate dividers, any open area can be easily partitioned.

Acoustic office screens are the obvious choice if you’re looking to reduce noise. The acoustic foam and fabric helps absorb noise, reducing distractions and increasing concentration levels. As well as being helpful to reduce noise, add privacy and create workpods, the Open Plan Room Dividers add to the office design too. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, it’s possible to refresh the office space, injecting colour and a professional design.

The freestanding design makes any of the room dividers a semi-permanent feature which can be moved or adjusted if your office design changes.

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  1. Delta Velvet Acoustic Screens
    Delta Velvet Acoustic Screens
    £213.00 £255.60 £213.00
  2. Morton Office Privacy Screens
    £222.00 £266.40 £222.00
  3. Nova Deluxe 66mm Acoustic Office Screen
    £209.00 £250.80 £209.00
  4. Delta Deluxe Wavetop 66mm Acoustic Screen
    £208.00 £249.60 £208.00
  5. Morton Laminate Office Screens
    £210.00 £252.00 £210.00
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Office Screens made in the UK

Open Plan Room Dividers

Open plan offices are how a room begins, but with the addition of office screens and dividers, the space can be transformed and divided. Using room dividers as part of the office design enables the space to be used for different purposes and utilises the floor space to the maximum potential.

Open plan offices provide full visibility across the entire floor, leaving all departments and work areas open. Full privacy can be achieved with full acoustic office screens or partial privacy with the help of part glazed office screens.

The available floor space doesn’t have to be permanently sectioned, when the area needs to be used regularly for different purposes, portable screening would be ideal. Portable screening has factory fitted castor wheels, designed for daily movement and repositioning. The choice to use portable room dividers will encourage the use of each space in creative ways.

Acoustic, glazed, portable or laminate – the choice of partition can recreate the area you work in. Create a multipurpose space to bring a modern edge and most important, employee happiness.


Room dividers for open plan spaces