Laminate screens for schools from Rap Industries

School & Classroom Partitions

Nursery, early years, primary school and beyond can benefit from the addition of freestanding or portable partitions. In an environment where there are many children playing & students learning, it’s useful being able to divide a room, therefore giving the space even more uses and potential.

Fabric to print and loop nylon to laminate, the array of partition finishes can help to decide which is the best solution for you and the group of children and students you have.

If division and learning didn’t go hand in hand, we’ve fused the two together by turning simple room dividers into a learning tool. Creating a screen with multiple uses which can support children as they begin to learn colours, numbers and nursery rhymes.

Room dividers and partitions can be used as a permanent or temporary feature with the addition of castor wheel. The smooth transition from cupboard to hall, classroom or break room ensures screening can be used only when required.

At Rap Industries, we make each screen to order & we’re based in the UK so we can ensure high quality materials with great lead times. Regardless of sectioning a hall, designing exam pods, creating an art display or looking for a multi-functional screen, we’re confident we have a solution to suit your school or education sector.

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Room dividers and partitions for schools and classrooms

What makes the perfect divider for a school or classroom?

Being able to move, adapt and use a divider for more than one purpose is the best kind of screen for a classroom or school environment. The portable feature will always come in useful as this means the same screen can be used in any area of the school and transitioned between classrooms. Portability ensures the most can be made from the screen and used to its full potential.

Adapting a partition can be achieved by linking screens together, this gives the appearance of a wide partition. When in reality it could be numerous screens connected. Adapting the size and configuration of the classroom partitions increases the number of ways they can be used and provides endless amounts of design options.

How can the different finishes be used?


Our white gloss laminate option is easy clean, bright and accepts drywipe pens. The laminate screening is versatile, multipurpose and aesthetically is clean and light.

Divide open areas, sanitise with ease and use as a teaching tool with the addition of dry wipe pens.

Printed panels

Printed partitions are a great way to transform the standard divider into an educational tool. Included numbers, spellings and counting to actively help young learners.

For areas tailored to older children, consider a design more modern and pattern based.

Whatever the age range, printed panels are creative, fun and can help with engagement.

Loop Nylon

Loop nylon panels, like the laminate and printed are a multipurpose screen.

Separate an open space or use the panels to display artwork, A level coursework or use as a notice board in the reception area.

Acoustic Screens

For those areas that need privacy and some quiet, any acoustic office screen will be effective. Designed with acoustic foam and high quality materials, noise levels can be controlled, making a more ambient space.

Made in the UK