How to Use the Universal Panel and Pole Display System from Rap

Our Universal Display Boards offer more flexibility and configuration options than alternate display boards, ensuring the display panels can be set up for small and large spaces. The modular design allows the adding and removing of poles and panels to determine the right size and shape for the available floor space.

Loop nylon fabric covers both sides of the display board, resulting in a double sided display panel. The double sided display boards provide maximum display space without extending the size of the displays and can be kept at a reasonable size.

If you can’t find the suitable display board kit, the Universal panel and pole display board can be built to suit the requested size. We have a wide selection of poles, panel and header options which allow you to create a custom build. What’s more, in the future you can add more panels and poles to grow your collection and increase the configuration options.

Store the Universal Display Board components in the storage back for efficient storing and transporting to and from different events.

View the PDF assembly guide for the Universal Display Boards.