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Display Panel Spotlight

Pop up Stand flood light, 200 watt mains halogen flood light, 3 metre lead & plug moulded pop up fitting
Dispatched within 24 hours Compatible with Event Systems

The pop up floodlight is the ideal solution when you are looking for the focus to be centred on your exhibition stand. This floodlight clips onto the top of the panel and then illuminates your display, which is especially effective in dimly lit environments. Similarly, the pop up floodlights can also be set up along the pop up stand, which means you can highlight particular aspects of your display.

  • Dispatched in 48 Hours
  • Includes 3 metre lead & plug moulded pop up fitting.
  • 240V, 200 watt mains halogen flood light.
  • Light for use with Pop up stands only.
  • 78mm linear bulb with a glass barrier for additional safety
  • 250mm straight arm 
  • Adjustable head
  • Halogen Flood light finished in black only
  • Pop up Stand light face dimensions are 85mm x 140mm

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