Are you prepared for your upcoming exhibition?

The question of the day – Are you prepared for your upcoming exhibition?

An exhibition or event really gives you and your business the time to shine, it’s vital that you have everything in place to showcase yourself in the best possible light. Whilst preparation is a huge part of exhibiting, you may as well go overboard and ensure your design and plans are perfect.

The pressure when planning can build but at the end of the show, each exhibitor is looking for the same thing – new customers and new relationships.

To make sure you haven’t missed a thing, we’ve made a list of some things to think about to ensure you are prepared for your upcoming tradeshow, event or exhibition.

Build the stand

Take it from us, completing a dry run before the big day will be incredibly useful. There are several reasons why you should be building the stand before you attend the event: –

  • If the stand is new to you, it’s important to get your head around the technique needed to have a polished professional display. Doing a practice will allow you to understand how it connects and how to attach any graphics to create a seamless look.
  • The last thing you need is to get to the event and see the print is wrong or the stand isn’t the right size. Thoroughly checking over the text and print is also key.
  • Time is always of the essence. Time yourself to see how long it takes, this way you won’t be rushed or surprised with the time it takes to have your display looking perfect.


You might be thinking – my stand will do the promoting. Which of course is correct, but you also need to consider the marketing of the event before you attend. Let your customers know your attending and invite them to come and visit your exhibition stand.

Social media, word of mouth and emails are great ways to get the word out there. All the platforms give the opportunity to promote where you will be, the event you are attending and why they should be coming to see you. What will your stand offer? Where will you be located? And finally, let them know you can’t wait to meet them.

Plan who will be attending

This is the time to pick carefully. The team you choose to attend the event will be representing the company. It’s crucial your team are well trained, understand your products or services and love speaking to people.

There’s a saying people buy from people, and we agree. An event gives you the floor to flaunt your product and gain interest with the end game of growing your business and building on your clients. Pick your exhibition team with care and ensure they will welcome guests to the stand, making them feel at ease and comfortable.

Double check your to-do list

It’s without a doubt that you will have a list as long as your arm (if not longer). An exhibition to-do list has many check boxes and will continue to grow as your requirements begin to build.

A to-do list is great, it provides a sense of organisation and gives a clear indication of what you have left to complete. However, we cannot stress enough that you must check, check and check again. You’re so busy, mistakes are easy to make and it’s crucial the day runs as smoothly as possible.

So, check through your list, make sure it is all completed and most importantly you haven’t missed anything off!


Only a minor thing and will only take 10 minutes or so. But make sure you know where you are going and the route you will take. Whether you plan to drive or take public transport, map out your journey with any stops, connections or alternations needed to make sure you arrive on time.

If you’re late this could eat into the time you require to build your display stand.

Exhibition Stand at Tradeshow

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