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Why Has Anti-Microbial Technology Become So Popular?

Safe Guard Medical Screens

The slogan; “kills 99.9% of bacteria” has been thrown around for quite a few years now, often with the response being, “but what about the 0.1%”? Traditionally these have been integrated with ad campaigns for soaps and cleaning products, but you can now start to see them seeping into furniture and far more permanent products. We’ve previously explored how anti-microbial technology is being used to make cleaner and healthier environments, but this doesn’t explain why companies are looking to integrate it more and more. Who knows, they’re even trying to add it to water to create clean water supplies, but let’s be a bit realistic…

Creating Healthy Environments:

For all the extravagant phrasing, there is an element of truth behind these fluffy sentences. The technology behind anti-microbial surfaces has been proven to reduce the spread of bacteria. Killing it is certainly a bit extreme, however the silver ions which are added to the protective coating discourage bacteria from growing and spreading. In simple terms, the silver interrupts the chemical reactions required for bacteria to survive, and by damaging this, the surface no longer provides the basis for the bacteria to survive.

While this does not mean it is time to abandon basic personal hygiene, it does mean that illness and disease is deterred from spreading, therefore safeguarding busy environments against what can become ideal conditions for aggressive bacteria. This is particularly the case in hospitals where different bacteria can be carried in from multiple patients, and subsequently spreading them is far more common. Even if you consider your office to be fairly safe, it’s fairly common in most businesses that batches of staff will be affected by the winter flu or the common cold, and anti-microbial technology is a crucial component in preventing that from spreading.

Integrated Design:

By integrating silver ions into powder coating, anti-microbial technology can now be applied to a wide range of products. From notice boards to partition screens, you can find the technology being applied to a host of products which you can commonly find in the workplace. What makes this ideal is that the technology does not have to look out of place and it can be added to pre-existing designs in order to retain the existing aesthetic of the environment.

Furthermore, with a growing selection on offer, if it is your goal to produce a healthier and more productive environment, then there is the option to work with a manufacturer to design and develop the products to adapt seamlessly with your environment. This allows you to pick sizes, colours and more so you can create the ideal healthy spaces.

Fear Factor:

Certainly, one of the factors which has boosted the popularity of anti-bacterial technology has been the emergence of media reports citing ‘anti-biotic resistant bacteria’, and this presents the challenge that our environments need to continue to develop in order to be successful. While design has noticeably changed over the past decade, this has meant a growth in smart devices designed to create healthier work spaces. However, it is only now that the fear factor is growing and with it, anti-microbial technology is really gaining traction.

While there is some basis to the reports, it is interesting to note that the silver ions are increasingly being researched due to their innate ability of being able to prevent the spread of bacteria. If bacteria truly are becoming more resistant to traditional soaps and cleaning products, then introducing anti-microbial technology will at least be able to help prevent the spread at the source.

For information on our Safeguard Medical Screens which incorporate the anti-microbial technology and how they can benefit your environment, please call 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to sales@rapind.com.


Safe Guard Medical Screens

The Weird and Wonderful Places You Can Find Anti-Bacterial

Anti-bacterial has become quite a trendy phrase to describe products designed to keep you healthy. Considering they claim to kill and protect against bacteria that cannot be seen by the human eye, this makes it a rather interesting addition for health-conscious consumers. The steady popularity that this has shown has led to more funding and development, and now we are all beginning to see; “kills 99.9% of bacteria” in a huge range of household products. Some are obviously more beneficial than others, but it is a sign of the work being done to protect against harmful bacteria.

Soap & Cleaning Products:

Anti-bacterial originated in hospitals through soaps and hand washes in order to prevent the spread of bacteria in a particularly volatile environment. This has since extended into the home, and now there is a frankly ridiculous amount of products boasting of their anti-bacterial properties. Recent studies have suggested that they can actually end up doing more harm than good. Some of these anti-bacterial products have done more harm to the solution as they are essentially able to take advantage of the fact that there is no way of proving their benefits without the use of a lab and considerable expertise.


The natural progression was to begin integrating anti-bacterial solutions with the things we touch. Again, it is hospitals who have lead the way with anti-microbial medical screens, which help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. The prospect of being able to reduce and even remove the risk of outbreaks of illness makes Safeguard Medical Screens a remarkable addition to any busy area such as the office, where it is easy to spread illness and infections.

In the Home:

As with all crazes and considering how easy anti-bacterial solutions can be to adapt, this means that they are now springing up pretty much anywhere that bacteria can be found. Recent innovations include an anti-bacterial pillow as well as bedding, TVs, smartphone screens; you touch it, chances are they are making an anti-bacterial cover for it.

Ever been concerned when using a public toilet? Well they are making anti-bacterial toilets to ease your fears. Ever stepped onto a floor without any socks on? It’s fine, because they are covering that to make it anti-bacterial too. As time progresses, pretty much everything in the home may be protected against bacteria in one way or the other.

And Now for The Weird…:

Whether you are happy with water out of the tap or insist on having it filtered, water has forever been a common vehicle for the spread of illness. While we continue to develop vaccines and cures for diseases, the out of the box thinkers are now thinking of ways to stop it at the source all together. If you’ve checked out our article on how anti-microbial materials work, then you will know that it is silver which does all of the work. Applying this to a solution is simple, reduce the silver down to ions so that it becomes part of the makeup of the liquid. So in theory, this means that it could be added to water supplies to kill bacteria permanently. The best part? Silver is not harmful to humans, so I am sure we will be hearing more about this in the future.

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The Financial Impact of Keeping Yourself Healthy…

Get Healthy

There appears to be this stigma that being healthy requires you to have a rich lifestyle in order to pay for everything required. The reality is that the obsession over fair trade food and gym packages exaggerates what is required to live a healthier life. While these both have their benefits, there is no reason why you cannot achieve the same improvements with just the use of your brain. The internet is a seemingly endless resource of advice and material to help you to live a balanced lifestyle without the burden of large bills at the end of the month. We’ve taken a look at some of the best places to start.


For all of the headlines boasting about the amazing effects of ‘superfruits’, it is fairly easy for the content to skip the part about how much they cost. What makes traditional fruit so great, is that combining a few of them together provides access to a huge number of vitamins and nutrients which are amazing for your health. While the takeaway may taste great, very little of it is actually going to help your body in the short or long term. At the same time, this does not mean that your diet needs to be crammed with food either grown on trees or in the ground. Have a look around for creating a balanced diet including the food that you love.

Creating a plan for the week, from breakfast through to dinner, allows you to streamline your shopping list and it is well worth considering price comparisons to get the best price for the produce you are buying. This means that you can keep a track on everything going into your body and make the most of what you are paying for. One thing which you will quickly begin to discover is how labels are designed to sell the product, but this does not necessarily mean that it is the best option. The highest price does not always mean the highest quality.


It is true that gyms are a great place to get fit for some. Chances are though, that if you are reading this article, then the gym is probably somewhere that you have already tried, but was not the right route for you. Fortunately, you are not alone and you can be keeping fit without paying the hefty monthly sum. One of the first places you should look to is the ocean of free apps out there which help to track and provide advice for leading a healthy lifestyle. Far from the step-o-meters that you may remember, these apps now track pretty much every detail of how effective your exercise is as well as whether you are getting enough nutrients from your diet.

When it comes to exercising, one of the biggest barriers and subsequently one of the biggest excuses that we use is that the weather is not right. Fitness is arguably more satisfying when done outside, but having a regime to complete indoors can help you to stay in the groove whilst keeping your expenses low. With the beauty of blogs and videos, there are thousands of routines that others have found success with and continue to every day.


Ironically, in a topic about our physical health, it is perhaps technology which can be our best friend. Rather than having personal trainers or endless advertising telling you how to achieve a balanced lifestyle, all of the tools that you need are out there already. If you already have the drive to get started, then you will surely have the intrigue to discover quite how online apps and guides can be used to augment your diet and fitness regime. The best part is that they cost a fragment of the price, allowing you to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and why this is beneficial for the future.


Get Healthy

Our Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Health This Summer

Get Healthy

If you are reading this post, then there is a very good chance that you will be in search of tricks to tone up your appearance and develop a healthier lifestyle while the warm Summer weather is here. Hopefully, you will have begun to realise by now that a strict diet and buying a gym membership can help, but it is never going to leave you feeling fulfilled. Becoming healthy is all about balancing everything that you consume weighed against everything you burn away on a daily basis. This means fluids, vitamins as well as the state of your brain and it is important to keep each in good working order so that you are able to achieve everything that you hope to.

1. Reducing Fat Intake:

A drastic change in diet is actually not as beneficial as you may think. Keeping some of the same dishes but changing how you cook them does not drastically drag you out of your comfort zone, but it does reduce the amount of fat you consume through frying food.

2. Getting Enough Sleep

There are so many factors that contribute to getting a good night’s sleep, but first a foremost, getting at least 7-8 hours every night is crucial to setting you up for the next day. Not only does this help to replenish your mind, but it also keeps the rest of your body functioning properly.

3. Cut Out the Salt

Salt is already added to so much of the food we already eat, so on most occasions, adding a pinch yourself really isn’t achieving much other than harming yourself. Instead, replace it with spices such as oregano, nutmeg or paprika to add new and exciting flavours into your food.

4. Enjoy Yourself

While what you physically consume is important, everything you mentally consume still has a bearing effect which can weigh you down. Especially in Summer when the sun is shining, be sure to do some of your favourite activities and enjoy a laugh with friends in order to increase your blood flow by 20%.

5. Keep Hydrated

Drinking enough water every day really is not hard, it just requires reminding yourself to drink around eight glasses a day. You may not really notice the effects, but a deficiency in fluids can lead to enhanced digestion, nutrient absorption, keeping your skin hydrated and detoxification.

6. Keep Stimulated

The brain is the one organ in the body which we really do not understand quite how it works. Our understanding of mental illness and how the brain controls the rest of our body is growing, but there is one factor that we know for sure. If you fail to keep your brain challenged and stimulated, you will experience increased brain degradation later in life, essentially losing your ‘edge’.

7. Always Remember Breakfast

It seems to be every week that a new study is released, analysing whether eating in the morning is good or bad for you and which is better, fruit or fry-up. Regardless of what you decide to have (although remember the previous point about frying!), simply eating in the morning is important to kick-start your metabolism. This helps to effectively and efficiently process the food into nutrients throughout the day, keeping your energy levels up without experiencing the mid-morning stomach rumbling.

8. Take Up a New Sport

Picking up a new activity is not only a great way to meet new people, but it’s a chance to actually enjoy getting fit. Whether there is something you have fancied trying for a while, or a friend has suggested to you, take a chance and at least break out of your comfort zone.

9. Certain Fruits Are Amazing

Cramming your diet full with whichever fruit looked the most appealing on the store shelves really is not very practical. Certain fruits are rich in a range of different vitamins, so it is equally important to find a combination which will be most beneficial for you. For example, oranges and lemons are amazing for vitamin C which boosts your immune system.

10. Take The Weight Off Your mind

Stress when left to linger can spiral into any manner of mental afflictions. Anxiety being the most common can be really debilitating when allowed to fester. If it’s a stress you can fix, then tackle it head on and get it out of the way before it starts to bring you down. If not, then find ways to cope with it, such as spending time relaxing and taking your mind off of the issue.


Get Healthy

Where Is Anti-Bacterial Fabric Most Effective?


As any business owner will know, an outbreak of illness can be extremely detrimental to a business. You are often faced with the dilemma of allowing afflicted staff to continue working with the risk of spreading the illness to others, or send them home until it has passed. This is the case in many environments and particularly prevalent in hospitals where nasty bacteria are far more common. Anti-bacterial hand washes and more have become a common sight, but if this is not used for any reason, there is no way of preventing a potential outbreak. This is one of the key reasons why anti-bacterial technology is being integrated into furniture and more to help combat illness at the source.

Medical Environments:

Integrating silver ions into surgical tools has been helping to kill bacteria for a number of years already, but these can also be used in waiting rooms and surgical theatres themselves in order to protect the environment as much as possible. Especially in a space such as this, where bacteria can spread from multiple directions, being able to minimise the impact that they can have is significantly important in hospitals and clinics where you are likely to find people who are most vulnerable to the effects.

What makes Medical Screens so useful is that they are more than just a surface to kill bacteria. With a range of sizes and widths available, they can be utilised in multiple environments to divide open space so you can make the most of the space available. Furthermore, as they are designed with this layout in mind, they are remarkably easy to move, allowing the area to be adapted to different time periods or different events, without having to install a more expensive, permanent wall.

Offices and Workspaces:

An outbreak of illness in the office can be incredibly frustrating, primarily for the impact that it has on employee productivity. Partition screens have become a common addition to many office environments, and therefore it is worth considering including Medical Screens in order to keep the workspace sanitized and keep staff healthy. The Safeguard Medical Screens are available in a variety of vivid colours in order to inject life and excitement into the environment.

Investing in keeping staff healthy has several benefits, namely that their overall mood and motivation can be kept at a consistent level. As a result, this helps them to maintain productivity and keep business moving, without the downtime that becomes a common occurrence in many companies.


Anyone with children or working with children will understand how easily illness can spread in an environment where hygiene is not perhaps at the top of the list of priorities. While Medical Screens cannot guarantee to stop this entirely, the innovative technology can help to reduce the spread of bacteria and nasty illness. As an added bonus to this, the material is resistant to blood and urine, so even if there is a little accident, this can be cleaned away effortlessly.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of Safeguard Medical Screens, then please get in touch by calling 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to sales@rapind.com.

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Why Anti-Bacterial Screens Have Become An Important Addition in Medical Environments…

You’ve probably seen the warning signs in the media, speculating on antibiotic resistant bacteria that will leave humans exposed. In which case, it can be easy to get carried away with the headlines while ignoring the facts. While, it is true, in the sense that bacteria are adapting to the drugs that we use, but it is also true that we are adapting to the way that bacteria develop. In fact, there is a material which has been around for thousands of years which is more effective at fighting off the miniscule microbes. We’ve explored how Anti-Bacterial Material Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Diseases? Silver is a key component in products boasting “kills 99.9% of bacteria”, and now it is possible to integrate this into furniture and more to stop bacteria before it even has a chance to spread.

How Are They Composed?

Safeguard Medical Screens are designed to integrate and improve upon traditional screens that you can expect to see in hospitals and clinics. While initially planned to provide privacy, medical screens have seen significant improvement over the years to further enhance the environments that surround them. Now, they are composed of a lightweight core, which first and foremost makes them easy to use, so it is simple to make the most of the space available and adjust areas if required.

Within the panel, silver ions are integrated into the lining as well as coated across the panel, and as we explored before, this helps to weaken the bacteria, making it vulnerable to cleaning products and more. The anti-bacterial fabric is available in a range of vibrant colours, which aids in brightening up medical environments and veering away from the whitewashed approach.

Which Medical Environments Are They Best Suited to:

Hospitals are the obvious beneficiaries of what Safeguard Medical Screens have to offer. A major advantage is that they can be tailor made to adapt to the environment, in short, if they are required for privacy, then the size can be adjusted. If you plan to use them in waiting rooms then the width can be changed. The addition of the anti-bacterial technology can assist in reducing the spread of illness and infection and help to keep those visiting hospitals healthy from other afflictions.

This kind of benefit can be easily transferred to clinics and other small locations which operate under the same circumstances. In these environments in particular, making the most of the space available can be very valuable. So, with medical screens which are easy to move, your space can be used to full effectiveness and utilised for multiple purposes. As a result, you can preserve a significant chunk of your budget, simply by installing temporary screens rather than having a permanent wall built.

How Can They Help You?

Safeguard Medical Screens are not restricted to just medical environments however. Illness is a common factor in reducing productivity and introducing anti-bacterial screens in order to reduce this can only help to boost the health and wellbeing of staff. While there has been plenty said regarding the mental wellbeing of employees, it is equally important to strive to have a healthy workforce who are in the right state both physically and mentally to perform to the best of their ability.

This is particularly prevalent in medical environments where it is imperative to reduce the spread of bacteria, especially when visitors are those who can be most susceptible and at risk of even the common cold. It is true that anti-bacterial materials are not the ultimate answer to this, but when combined with other preventative measures, they can go a long way to reducing the spread of illness and infections.

If you would like to find out more about the Safeguard Medical Screens and how they can integrate into your environment, then please call us on 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to sales@rapind.com.


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How Can Anti-Bacterial Material Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Diseases?

Office Design

Considering how miniscule and uncontrollable bacteria is, it’s quite remarkable that there is a material which can wipe it out almost entirely. While it feels like we’ve only recently started seeing the phrase anti-bacterial being sprayed around recently, even ancient civilisations had found out about the amazing properties of silver. The Phoenicians (around where is now modern day Lebanon and Syria) used to store water, wine and vinegar in silver containers which killed bacteria and helped to preserve the contents. This quite incredible ability has seen silver being widely used in medical instruments to prevent infection and even encourage natural cell growth.

How Does It Work?

Even Hippocrates, one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, had used silver to treat ulcers and wounds, but for thousands of years, we have been unable to uncover quite how the metal compound does it. While interest in it has waned with the advent of anti-biotics, the obsession over silver is growing once again due to the threat of antibiotic resistance of bacterial cells.

Without getting too technical, silver works by interrupting iron and sulphur cells within the bacteria, which as a result leads to severe damage to the cell and leaves them more susceptible to conventional anti-biotics. By integrating silver into dissolved ions, this means this can be applied to many surfaces to weaken bacteria, and then another layer is added which is capable of killing off the cells.

The possibilities of this were discovered if inadvertently thousands of years ago and have saved the lives of many, especially during World War 1, where bandages included silver which helped to protect wounds and to encourage the growth of new cells. Not only did this safeguard against infection, but it also helped wounds to heal quickly and more effectively.

Where Else Can It Be Used?

This property makes silver an outstanding compound to be used with various pieces of medical equipment including; surgical tools, furniture and even door handles in order to prevent the spread of diseases in highly volatile environments. Especially with the growth of so called ‘superbugs’ such as MRSA, the potential for a metal to weaken its defences poses a promising solution to stop an outbreak.

However, it is not just hospitals and medical environments where anti-bacterial silver can be highly beneficial. Its ability to fight off infection and diseases makes it a unique but practical solution in schools or in workplaces where the spread of disease can be high. At Rap Industries, the Safeguard Medical Screen incorporates this technology to create a surface which kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps to divide as well as protect busy working environments from debilitating illnesses.

Elsewhere, you can start to find glass which is beginning to incorporate silver, meanwhile food packaging increasingly has it included so that the contents can remain fresher for longer. There has even been the suggestion that silver could be added to water in order to purify it. What makes silver so beneficial in this space is that, unlike other metals which can kill bacteria, silver is non-toxic to humans.

What Does the Future Hold?

The potential for an anti-bacterial compound provides the opportunity for substantial research into how it can be effectively utilised. From purifying water to fighting off increasingly anti-biotic resistant bacteria, the potential of minimising it down to the size of ions could make it incredibly effective in a variety of environments. Integrating it into workplaces and schools increases protection against illness and as a result, can boost productivity and learning.

For more information on the Safeguard Medical Screens and how effective they could be in your environment, then please give us a call on 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to sales@rapind.com and our advisors would be more than happy to help.


Safe Guard Medical Screens

Ways of Staying Healthy This Summer That You Will Not Have Thought Of…

The internet can be a malaise of information and ‘to-dos’ concerning how to keep fit and healthy, but I’m sure like many of us, it goes in one ear and out of the other. Dieting and going to the gym can appear altogether unrealistic targets, but being healthier and improving your lifestyle is about a lot less. When you become trapped in your habits, even though they may not be apparent right now, it is far simpler to begin cutting down one step at a time. Dropping everything all at once merely highlights what you are missing out on, which causes the cravings to return. So instead of your generic, ‘easy-to-do top 10 list of how to be healthy’, here’s some realistic tips to make yourself feel better without the drastic lifestyle changes.

Break the Habit:

The easiest thing you can begin to amend is the food and drink you consume. When we think of the physical effects of food, it’s often linked back to gaining weight, but food contains a myriad of other ingredients which affect much more than just our waistline. One huge one that has come to light in recent years is sugar, and it is in much more food and drink than you may think. There’s plenty of content out there about what negative stipulations high sugar levels can lead to, but on a more fundamental level, sugar is essentially a feel better short term and then feel worse long term ingredient.

Reducing the number of processed food that you eat, the number of fizzy drinks you consume, even the teaspoons of sugar you add to hot drinks in the morning all have a sizeable impact on how you feel. Like every habit, it can be a bit of a nightmare to give up, but with food and drink, at least there is a great replacement. Fresh food does not have to be time-consuming, too much effort and ultimately bland. Simply searching for ideas on a search engine will bring up an incredible number of results to suit the way you live your life. All it requires is a commitment to embrace change in order to feel better long term.

It’s the little things that count:

There is a pretty big misconception that in order to get healthy, this requires a drastic shift in lifestyle. The idea is that by exercising extensively on a daily basis and switching your diet to a fruit and vegetable rich but generally unfulfilling meal will magically make you fit and healthy. Truth be told, there is a great deal more to it than this, but providing balance and upholding each aspect of your lifestyle will be significantly more beneficial long term. Aspects such as remembering to floss your teeth and wearing sun cream during the Summer months will go much further to keeping you healthy as you get older.

It’s obviously going to be a great achievement if you can run a marathon through your strict fitness regime, but the lustre is lost somewhat if you begin having complications because you neglected to wear sun cream during your defining moment. The human body is an incredibly complex system where every organ and every part of your body rely on each other to survive. The trick to staying healthy is keeping each in good condition, not overworking one while neglecting the others.

Don’t Run Yourself into the Ground:

When we consider staying healthy, we tend to easily tunnel on the physical aspects, however the brain is arguably the most important part of your body. Its composition is so complex that we can scarcely understand it now, but an increasingly used term is mental health and our understanding of it is growing every year. The most obvious issue related to this is stress, something we all experience and at times, endure. For some, depending on situations and circumstances, stress and anxiety can become overwhelming and have a detrimental impact on your health overall.

Summer can be a great period mentally, the sun is often shining and this creates the perception of optimism and happiness. But this can still create tension such as struggling for money to take your children on holiday. This is why Summer is an opportunity to take time off work, enjoy the weather and rejuvenate your mind. There is a great analogy where an audience is asked how much a glass of water weighs. The answer is that the weight doesn’t matter, it depends on how long you hold onto it. The same goes for stress and anxiety, while you can manage initially, there reaches a point where you need to resolve and unload that stress.

Personalise Your Lifestyle:

Staying healthy is unique to each individual person. In reality, getting healthy in Summer has absolutely nothing to do with the season, but it is perhaps the best time to try, as the increase in UV rays biologically motivates us. From there, it’s all you; do what feels comfortable, make a plan to track habits you want to cut out as well as introduce the ones you want to continue through Autumn, Winter, Spring and then Summer again. You don’t have to be forcing yourself to the gym for 2 hours every evening to be fit and healthy, do what feels comfortable and aim to establish a balanced lifestyle.