How Portable Room Dividers Can Create Unique & Diverse Training Spaces

Training areas can be notoriously difficult to get right. Even at a young age, many despise the prospect of being sat in a rigid classroom and being delivered a lecture on a wealth of information you scarcely understand. This resent tends to only grow as we get older, which is why we are now having to think more outside of the box when it comes to training programmes. This has meant an increase in practical exercises, interactive technology and more, all designed to engage and interest the trainee. However, surrounding that, even the environment which the training takes place in can have an effect and this is why portable room dividers are increasingly being used to create intuitive training courses.

They fit this role perfectly by being adaptable as well as versatile, meaning it is possible to create training rooms of various shapes, sizes and even materials in order to adapt to the course itself. It also means that you never need a dedicated room for training, which hopefully means the end of rows of desks and the beginning of environments which genuinely help trainees to learn.


In every sense of the word, Portable Room Dividers can be moved or locked in place in a wide range of layouts. Whether you wish to use one as a backdrop, a divider to create privacy in large open spaces or as a completely temporary room, they can be designed to suit your environment. Having the option to set up a training space in a matter of minutes not only saves a significant amount of money because there is no need to build a dedicated room, but they also feature many of the tools required for the training course.

There is a variety of different styles on the market, but each panel features wheels at the bottom, meaning they can be rolled out in a matter of minutes when required and then packed away very easily. This is incredibly effective in open spaces such as gymnasiums or open offices, where you can quickly transform open areas into dedicated training spaces. To finish it off, they also feature stabilising feet, so the divider is safe and secure once you are set up.


While investigating portable room dividers, be sure to keep an eye out for manufacturers who can tailor your design to make them a perfect fit with your environment as well as the training course. This means a variety of different shapes and sizes to ensure the Portable Room Dividers are effective as possible once in place, but it also means you can pick out the materials which work for the approach you are taking. Here at Rap Industries, we offer the choice of a Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric, as well as a high gloss laminate which operates as a whiteboard or even applying high quality graphic design to really make the Portable Room Dividers stand out.


The ability to include bespoke graphic design opens up a wealth of creative opportunities to make truly immersive training experiences. For example, they can be designed to replicate certain environments and situations, such as for the emergency services where it can be costly as well as time-consuming to use a real version. By creating such an environment, you are able to provide a stimulating environment for trainees which in fact helps with their learning and development.

Overall Portable Room Dividers can provide you with far greater freedom than dedicated spaces. The ability to completely customise them opens up the opportunity to be creative and enhance the training course itself by making it more interactive for trainees. If you would like further information on the options available with Portable Room Dividers, then you can give us a call on 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to and our advisors would be happy to help.


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