Top 4 Ways of Enhancing Training Courses with Portable Dividers

As organisations look for more affordable and effectives ways of enhancing training courses, we are beginning to see a trend of more industries turning to portable room dividers to create dynamic and immersive courses. As manufacturers, it is possible to adapt and tailor portable dividers so they can achieve much more than just separating open space, but instead, are customised to enhance the training course itself. Regardless of your industry, training courses are increasingly geared towards interactive experiences which require the learner to engage with the content and portable dividers are offering a unique way of achieving this.

  1. Creating Training Spaces:

As opposed to being used as a divider, the portable screens can be combined together to establish portable rooms. Rather than the considerable expense of creating a permanent training area, it is far more cost-effective to establish a comprehensive setting which is geared towards helping learner’s development. These portable dividers can be tailored with a variety of materials to enhance the course itself, such as a pinnable fabric, high pressure laminate or even printed panels which open up the opportunity to re-create active environments using graphic design.

Designed to be portable, screens such as these can be deployed when required, allowing the organisation to make the most of communal open spaces without having to create dedicated areas for training. Not only is this a substantial economic benefit for the company, but it is also a far more viable option in the context that not all training courses run all year round. This means the space can then be utilised for other activities or courses when the training course is not taking place.

  1. Backdrops:

The variety of materials available with portable dividers makes them equally suitable for being established as a backdrop for training courses. In the same vein of portable training rooms, these backdrops can be rolled out when necessary and then neatly packed away when not in use. Whether they are used as a pinnable screen to display training content or incorporate whiteboards into the panel, each can be customised with additional information and details which move training courses towards a more interactive experience.

  1. Open Plan Environment Dividers:

The core concept behind the portable dividers is that they are designed to help organisations make the most of large open areas. Whether this is a gymnasium or a hall, portable dividers excel at creating privacy and building more conclusive environments to provide an area which helps learners to concentrate. These can be deployed in a matter of minutes, enabling the space to be used as a dynamic environment which is set up to incorporate multiple functions, saving both on space, but on revenue also.

  1. Mobile Classrooms:

Budget restrictions are a frequent issue for smaller organisations such as schools and portable dividers are proving to be an effective tool in creating mobile classrooms. Incorporating the high pressure laminate with the panels means they can quickly and easily be used to create effective and recognisable areas. They benefit significantly from being able to create private spaces, which reduce the number of visual and audible distractions, thereby creating an area which helps learners to focus.


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