Why Quality Should Always Factor Over Price When Searching for Display Stands


Quality Over Quantity – A Forgotten Lesson


For many of those who like to scrimp and save, the idea of a bargain is always at the forefront when looking to buy. Whether it’s food, clothes or insurance, the clear majority of us will look to get the best possible price. This kind of thinking is fine in this context as the quality of the product is unlikely to change. However, a mindset such as this begins to seep into every purchase we make, often sacrificing that quality for a lower figure at the bottom. ‘Quality over quantity’ used to rule the way we shopped. Now, globalisation has driven down the prices of everyday items, while compromising on the sacred quality we once sought.

In some cases, such as with new technology, we often opt for expensive brand names, reassured in the knowledge our product is built to last. Yet with an array of alternative products such as clothing, cheap and easy are often the preferred choice. The problem with cheaper products is that there is always a catch. Usually, the lower price is the result of cheaper materials and haphazard manufacturing which is often outsourced. The resulting product usually looks great but deteriorates faster. For the business, this is ideal as assuming the product did its job, they receive repeat business more frequently. But for the consumer, the cost adds up exponentially while barely even realising.


Display Stands - Manufacturing - Credit: Cathy (HaglundC)

Display Stands – Manufacturing – Credit: Cathy (HaglundC)


Securing a Return on Investment


When investing in anything, securing a return is usually high on the agenda. If it is one situation where the product is needed, then a lower cost product will result in a higher return on investment. Yet if there are multiple events on the horizon then the cost of having to purchase potentially more than one product comes into question. In the case of display stands, attending exhibitions is often not a one-off experience. There could be several events every year for any amount of years, so purchasing a stand which will last just one considerably cuts down the ROI.

If this is the case, then investing in quality will always prevail over a cheaper alternative. Not only does it help the budget, but it also helps with peace of mind. With a display stand, a fault could well lead to harming the exhibit or even see the stand itself collapse. Either consequence leads to damage to your brand, whether you represent an organisation or just yourself. All of this leans towards seeking longer term success and creating forecasts to the future. Lacking a similar outlook can lead to bloated expenses and setbacks which are unnecessary in the first place.


What Constitutes Quality with Display Stands


Display stands serve as a prime example where quality prevails over ‘quantity’. By now, most of us are aware of what a Made in China tag means. Whilst the product is more cost-effective, it also means that it is mass-produced, using cheaper materials which ultimately means that quality assurance has been sacrificed. There is nothing inherently wrong with the product, however, stress and strain caused by regular usage often lead to the item quickly degrading. In terms of appearance, there may be nothing immediate which meets the eye. Yet it is in the areas where you are unlikely to look, such as hinges for example, where corners are often cut.

These small considerations begin to come into play when display stands are in use. If the exhibition is busy, with people walking past and potentially knocking into the stand, it is essential that the product holds its own. A cheaper version, which may be completely fine when set up at home, may crumble in a genuine environment. At the base, slimline feet are crucial to prevent a slip hazard, which makes using a quality material here essential to the health and safety of the stand. By using a lightweight, flimsy metal, there will be significant cutbacks on the sturdiness of the feet. The only alternative is to make the feet bigger, leading to a trip hazard.


Offering Reassurances for the Future


When ordering through a supplier, they will often provide you with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is a similar setup say you were to purchase a pair of trousers from a store. Beyond that, there is (bar a lot of effort on your part) no way of getting the money back. Buy from a manufacturer direct and the product will come equipped with a three, five, ten or even lifetime guarantee. So, even despite that initial investment, should anything begin to unravel through no fault of your own, you will be covered by the manufacturer.

Importantly, this provides peace of mind. There is no niggling feeling at the back of the mind, worrying whether the stand will endure through a busy event. Instead, you are free to focus on the matter at hand, allowing the display stand to perform without any fuss. Select perks like this are often unseen and they are hardly factored into the price of the product. There is always a premium to pay when opting for quality, however, this is balanced out by the service or product which you receive.


Display Stands

Display Stands


Rap Industries have been designing and manufacturing office furniture and display stands for well over 40 years. Throughout this time, we’ve seen the design of these products change and adapt, but creating a quality product has always been at the heart of what we do. To find out more about the products we manufacture, please call 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to sales@rapind.com.

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