How to Create Realistic Training Environments on a Budget

Training and on a more fundamental level, learning, has been developing over thousands of years. We’ve reached the point now where in some industries we can create simulations of realistic situations to provide the most optimal training possible. Now, while this is obviously the best way of creating the most realistic environment for learning, we do not all have multi-million pound budgets to do so. Therefore, the challenge that many industries have is to replicate the conditions in order to provide the best possible experience for trainees to learn. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, there are a host of new ways to help create effective training courses.


One of the most challenging aspects to replicate is the complete environments themselves. Without the financial outlay of creating a dedicated training space, being able to achieve a similar result has been unrealistic in the past. However, in recent years we have begun to see a rise in ‘pop-up training rooms’, composed of portable room dividers which can be customised to re-create the conditions which are being taught. For example, we have worked with the emergency services to re-create the inside of emergency response vehicles. In the scenario of a training session, this means a vehicle does not have to be taken out of service, but the inside, designed completely to scale, is available for trainees to work with.

What makes these an incredibly cost-worthy addition is that the training space does not have to be permanent and essentially in dis-use for the remainder of time when the course is not taking place. The dividers are designed to be neatly packed away, meaning that despite the initial investment, they can be preserved for hundreds more training courses in the future.


For thousands of years, skills and knowledge have been passed down through word of mouth, but this approach has been faltering more and more in recent years. With bloating numbers in courses and less one-to-one time spent with tutors, there is now more of a push to develop technology which enables people to learn in different ways. While creating lifelike environments using Portable Room Dividers can help to replicate some environments, there are others where this is simply not possible. The best way to remedy this currently is through e-learning and interactive courses.

While e-learning is far from the face-to-face intuition which we are used to, it provides a realistic, if virtual environment that is near impossible to re-create. Being able to develop games, courses and experiences in the virtual space has the added benefit of being able to keep users constantly engaged (especially when used with headphones). There is also the opportunity to have far more one-to-one intuition with video calls and interactive courses which offer significantly more stimulation than repetitive and often boring lectures.


The most challenging aspect of creating these environments is that each industry is unique in its own way, so there are certain techniques which excel in some whilst are ineffective in others. The advantage that they do have is that they are significantly cheaper than some tailor made courses and ultimately provide the most efficient way to conduct training courses in the future. Both the environment and the course need to be lifelike for the user which are ideally designed to create an immersive situation for the user. Engaging learners with the content is the best way to help them to learn, and regardless of whether they are in a practical or virtual setting, it is crucial that they are able to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment.

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