How Portable Room Dividers Can Adapt to Enhance Training Courses

Training courses are increasing in their ingenuity as designers and teachers look for more immersive ways to help students to learn. Whether the learner is young or old, the traditional lecture method has never had much success in helping people to develop. Many of us in work will rebuke the phrase “it’s always easier to learn on the job”, which is why training spaces are increasingly being designed to attempt to imitate more realistic environments. Whether this is by introducing more practical activities or transforming the environment altogether, there is a great deal of flexibility on offer to find a solution which is perfectly tailored for the subject.

Here at Rap Industries, we are increasingly working with organisations to develop training spaces using portable room dividers, which enable them to create separate areas for courses in a matter of minutes. These can be tailored and customised to adapt not only to the environment, but to the subject itself. Portable room dividers are very efficient in the sense that they can be deployed quickly and easily as well as being packed away neatly, enabling them to be stored for future use. This means that training sessions can be set up when required, while the space can then be utilised for other operations whilst training is not taking place.


As manufacturers of portable room dividers, Rap Industries have extensive experience designing and producing dedicated training spaces for companies from a wide variety of industries. In the past, clients have often opted to use printed dividers, where they can take advantage of graphic design to re-create environments which otherwise would not be accessible. For example, this includes emergency services and educational establishments where designs can be created which immerse the student in the environment.

Furthermore, they can also be customised with high pressure laminates as well as a fabric finish, so there are a variety of options available when creating separate training spaces. Each can be personalised with different colours as well as different accessories to make the space as effective as possible. Portable room dividers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there are a number of ways to make the most from the space which you have available.


One key feature of the dividers is that they are portable, which becomes incredibly useful if the training is not scheduled to run all year round. Rather than having to create permanent training facilities, these dividers can be deployed in existing large spaces like halls, gymnasiums and more. It is possible to create a huge range of different spaces such as a simple wall right the way through to creating a new room entirely, depending on which works best for the subject. By combining multiple kits together, it is possible to create large or small training spaces when required, allowing them to adapt to whichever subject is being taught.


The original purpose of portable room dividers is to create separate spaces, whether for classrooms, exams or offices, which means they are designed to reduce the number of distractions and help to create private conditions for those inside. This quality is easily adaptable for training spaces by blocking out both visual and audible distractions and therefore creating a far more effective learning environment.

For further information on how we can design and manufacture portable room dividers to adapt to your subject, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 01733 394941 or by sending an e-mail to and one of our experienced advisors will be able to explain further.


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