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Making the Most of Space in Hospitals and Clinics

Space has become a commodity across hospitals in Britain as patient numbers swell yet the number of rooms available remains the same. As the budget will rarely stretch to acquiring new areas, it is therefore crucial to make the most of the space available while maintaining optimal care for every patient. Hospitals and clinics are well known for being dynamic environments which in the same vein of the issues they contend with, operate like a cell where each process needs to work together in order to run smoothly.

Portable room dividers and portable screens fit into this dynamic comfortably, allowing space to be created in seconds and it only requires one person to achieve. This frees up the vital time for staff to spread their care out amongst patients equally. Especially in wards and waiting rooms where privacy is vital, portable room dividers can be walked out in seconds, providing enclosed spaces when they are needed most. Many portable room dividers are now available with an anti-bacterial material which prevents the spread of germs and virus’ to ensure the high standards of the hospital are maintained.

This innovative material allows portable room dividers to be utilised across a wide range of healthcare environments where maintaining the privacy of patients and their families is of the utmost importance. Similarly, it prevents the spread of any illnesses brought in by other patients in clinics where contact with ill patients can be high. The flexibility of the system means they can be used in waiting rooms when required and then moved elsewhere if an issue arises.

The same applies in pharmacies, blood donation clinics and other medical environments which require space to be simply and quickly divided and providing patients with privacy during what can be sensitive times. There is the added option with some portable room dividers to have acoustic foam included which works by soaking up sound waves, reducing sound coming in, as well as keeping conversations between patients and staff strictly confidential.

Finally, for a unique use, the portable room dividers can be tailor made to adapt to training exercises and helping to develop the skills of the future generation of medical staff. The option to include printed panels means that medical environments can be recreated on the room dividers to assist trainees. Meanwhile, the lightweight material ensures they can be packed away easily and effectively when not in use.

If you would like to learn more about the options available with the portable room dividers from Rap Industries, then please feel free to give us a call on 01733 394941 or by sending an e-mail to


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How You Can Breathe New Life into Your Workspace

The deep spring clean should not be restricted to the home, after all, you spend a large majority of your time at work. In particular, for those of you sat at a desk from 9 until 5, the clutter can build up considerably throughout the year. I’m not just talking about those chocolate wrappers which you had a few too many of over Christmas, it’s the unfiled paperwork and your computer too. In fact, when you are sat in one place for many hours a day, you will be surprised quite where the mess can seep into.

After giving the desk a quick wipe down, it’s time to get down to business and start re-organising. Let’s start at the worst part – your catch all drawer. You know the one, when something drops on your desk and you do not want anything to do with it, you whip open the drawer and stuff it in there, hoping you will forget. Unfortunately, unlike the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia, it is still there and now your drawer is overflowing with random junk.

With most of that safely deposited in the nearest bin, you now have the ball rolling, congratulations. Next up, create a system to maintain the flow of your work with a way to distinguish what is outgoing and what work you still need to complete. It does not need to be complex, a couple of baskets will keep things neat and tidy on your desk all while ensuring that important report does not slip through the net again.

Now, your physical space is looking a lot more organised, but your computer is a complete minefield. Freezes, crashes and your virus protection flashing at you have all become the norm in the past few months. Just like the catch all drawer, your computer gathers up all the mess and it looks like it has disappeared forever thanks to technology, unfortunately after a year of flooding it with downloads and word documents, it will become full like the catch all drawer, and when it does, it will get stuck. So set up a few folders to organise all those documents you haphazardly saved to the desktop and give your e-mail inbox, outbox and sent folder a deep cleanse. E-mail programmes enjoy taking up tonnes of space.

Nearly there now, and with your work space in order, there is but one thing left to remedy. You’ve given the area you work in a fresh start, so be sure to give yourself a clean slate. If there is something you have been putting off, perhaps it got lost in the mire of the catch all drawer or you found it floating in your inbox amongst thousands of e-mails trying to sell you a *Rolex* watch, now is the time to get it out of the way.

So now you are ready for another year, armed with a fairly coherent filing system and a clean drawer, ready for you start flinging paper clips into. If you fancy adding a couple of finishing touches, I would suggest adding a bit of greenery. A small plant will do, or if you are feeling particularly creative, a bonsai tree will not only add a bit of life to your desk, but you might be able to kill a few more minutes of your day tending to it.




Getting Creative with Portable Room Dividers

I know, portable room dividers hardly roll off the tongue and while dividing space is useful, this alone hardly warrants the potential to get creative. However, hear me out, portable room dividers have developed well beyond generic styles and are now designed to serve as multipurpose partition screens. The ability to have what is essentially a portable wall opens up a range of opportunities which you may have not considered. Aside from the financial benefit of picking up a portable partition as opposed to something a bit more permanent, the practical benefit is they can be customised to adapt to the environment you are in, whether that is in a school, hospital, office and more.

Standard versions of the portable room dividers often feature a colourful fabric to add that sense of style. Now, portable room dividers such as these include a lightweight pinnable core which enables them to also be utilised as a display board. Perhaps you are unsure what kind of backdrop you require? Having a versatile backdrop with a pinnable fabric allows for the portable room dividers to integrate with the environment while giving you the option to add further content related to the event you require the space for.

A fabric is as basic as it gets and the following materials provide specialist options to a variety of workspaces, and what they have been used for in the past may just spark some inspiration as to how portable room dividers could benefit you. Here at Rap Industries, one of the options we provide is white gloss high pressure laminate which combines the portable room dividers together with a portable whiteboard. The potential to use dry wipe markers with these opens up many avenues as in schools they can allow children to contribute or provide a whiteboard for teachers operating in temporary classrooms. Elsewhere, in environments such as offices, they provide a unique backdrop, allowing space for staff to collaborate ideas and encourage creative thinking.

A particularly niche option available is to include anti-bacterial panels with the portable room dividers. This will obviously only appeal to a certain number of you, but if the spread of nasty bugs in nurseries or clinics is getting under your skin, then portable room dividers can deliver an interesting solution. Whether you need to quickly create a play area, or get the most out of the space at the clinic, anti-bacterial portable room dividers are ideal.

The final option provides you with complete control over how you wish to utilise your space, or even use them for an entirely different purpose. Printed panels allow you to apply a graphic of your own design to the portable room dividers, giving you the freedom to allow your creativity to flow and personalise them to suit whatever you need. Here at Rap Industries, our graphic design service enables you to utilise our graphic design team to produce bespoke panels. In the past, clients have taken advantage of this to create dividers featuring multiplication tables, creating a stimulating backdrop in schools and nurseries as well. Another use was to introduce graphics for training purposes, making them so much more than portable room dividers.

If you’ve got a unique idea in mind and think portable room dividers could be suitable to bring it to life, then please feel free to get in touch by calling 01733 394941 or by sending an e-mail to


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Why Portable Room Dividers Are the Ideal Companion for Schools and Nurseries…

For schools and nurseries, when the budget tightens, creating space is often one of the first things to be sacrificed. Certainly, priority should go towards more textbooks and teaching materials, but that does not mean that there is not enough room in the budget to make student workspaces more efficient and ultimately helping your students to learn. In the past, bloated student numbers and hectic timetables made finding suitable teaching spaces a challenge. Instead, large spaces that you might not have considered to be viable such as the school gymnasium, can in fact be adapted using Portable Room Dividers to create temporary, effective work spaces.

What makes Portable Room Dividers so effective is that they can adapt to the environment you are using them in. For example, if you quickly need to transform your cafeteria into a classroom in a matter of minutes, then the dividers can be quickly rolled out to create the space in seconds. Regardless of the size of the space, big rooms such as gymnasiums and lobbies can be quickly transformed to create multiple portable classrooms, all while providing a quality environment for students to learn. The flexible hinge which connects each panel together, allows Portable Room Dividers to fold out and fold away in the style of an accordion so the stress is taken away if you need to create a temporary classroom in a rush.

While quickly setting up temporary classrooms is handy, Portable Room Dividers have a lot more potential to justify why they are such a cost effective solution for schools and nurseries. Traditionally, each panel is covered with loop nylon fabric which is simply pinnable. However, here at Rap Industries, we believe in helping our customers to get the most for their money, which is why our Portable Room Dividers have a breadth of customisation options available to help them truly integrate with the environment. As a start, we can create partitions which include acoustic foam, ideal for soaking up ambient noise from surrounding areas, allowing each space to be divided into more than one room.

Furthermore, another option is an easy clean laminate finish, which allows the Portable Room Dividers to be used as a whiteboard, creating flexible classrooms for teachers. As an alternative possibility, we also produce high quality printed panels which feature a unique design. In the past, some of our clients have utilised this to create partitions featuring learning material such as multiplication tables which are incorporated in a stimulating design to create an interesting backdrop to help children to learn.

Ultimately, Portable Room Dividers are a cheaper, more versatile option to permanent walls. While they are ideal for creating multipurpose spaces, the customisation options available with them allow teachers to adapt and develop their approach to create stimulating learning environments for their students. Rather than the simple white gloss walls which envelope many modern day classrooms, Portable Room Dividers deliver a stylish and appealing surrounding which can help students to focus and develop.

If you would like further advice on what Portable Room Dividers can help you to achieve or you would simply like to know more about the customisation options available, then please feel free to get in touch with our team of advisors at or by phone at 01733 394941.


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How Portable Room Dividers Can Create a Fresh Environment

With spring cleaning well under way, now is the ideal time to breathe fresh air over your home or where you work to revitalise the space for the year to come. Far from suggesting a complete redesign, there are a number of innovative tools which can help you to realise the potential of the space you have available. If you have a large space you are struggling to make the most out of, then portable room dividers may be exactly what you need. Whether you have an open plan home, large office or even a classroom you need to divide with the exam period coming up, portable room dividers allow you to create a fresh perspective from the space you have.

Having packed all of the lingering Christmas decorations away, you’ve thoroughly cleansed your home of all that unnecessary clutter and for once you are left with more space than you ever thought you had before. Rather than let the mess fester once again, take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of your new found space.  Rather than installing a permanent wall, portable room dividers give you the freedom to divide spaces as well as give you a sense of privacy. Then, if you decide you want to try something new or you require the large space once again, then they can be simply packed away or moved elsewhere.

Modern day offices are often dynamic, with no day being the same as the other, which makes the flexibility of portable room dividers very reliable. Whether you need a temporary meeting room set up quickly, or you need to provide additional privacy for a department with a deadline looming, portable room dividers are very adaptable to resolve the issue you have. As well as this, they cut costs at your business significantly. Rather than opting for expensive contractors installing a permanent wall, all while distracting your workforce, a set of portable room dividers can be picked up relatively inexpensively and be used for many years to come.

Ultimately, this does not restrict portable room dividers to a single environment, in fact, given their flexibility, they are ideal for dividing any indoor open spaces. A common use is by educational establishments who take advantage of the lightweight frames to quickly and easily create temporary classrooms. If you are interested in finding out more about the options available with the portable room dividers, then please feel free to get in touch by calling 01733 394941 or by sending an e-mail to


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