Streamline Display Stand Bundles

The Streamline display stand is designed around its flexibility and ability to adapt to changing exhibition stall spaces. Rather than the static nature of pop up stands and custom made display stands, the Streamline can be changed for different events. With the Streamline display stand bundles, we have integrated a selection of other display tools which complement the Streamline, which in turn makes your brand promotion more effective.

Streamline display stands are unique in the sense that they are designed with future exhibitions in mind. While you may start out with a 4m display stand, you may find out in the future that you only have a 2m space. With the Streamline, we can take this into consideration with the design, and it is possible to remove the end panels without taking away the luster of your exhibition stand.

Flexibility and versatility are at the core of the design of the Streamline display stand bundles. With an intuitive panel and pole design, the display stand can be set in any formation you wish. The Streamline display stand itself can be arranged into a flat, curved, wave or even cylindrical design, which suits your stall the most.

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Why Buy Streamline Exhibition Stands from Rap Industries?

At the core of all our Streamline exhibition stands are the aluminium poles. This material is unique as it is extremely lightweight while still being strong and sturdy, thereby guaranteeing a stable display stand when in use. The additional benefit of having the aluminium poles is that they are simple to carry, which makes traveling to and from events remarkably easy. Each pole is then equipped with round base feet for additional stability when in use in areas of high footfall.

The Streamline display stands feature a number of accessories as standard such as the wheeled graphic drum and carry bags for the Streamline bases and poles. Primarily, these are designed to make traveling to and from the event relatively easy and makes these large exhibition stands accessible to even small teams. As additional extras, we are also able to integrate a monitor stand into the display, or you can customise the wheeled drum with a graphic wrap and acrylic top, thereby transforming it into a promotional counter.

When it comes the setting up the Streamline exhibition stand, the design of the panel and poles ensure it can be done in a matter of minutes. The graphic panels simply clip onto the top of the poles and are then secured with a magnetic strip, holding them firmly in place while in use at the exhibition. When you are done, all of the panels neatly fit into the wheeled drum, which protects them while in transit.

Need Help Designing your Streamline Exhibition Stand?

While the Streamline exhibition stand will provide the foundations for the exhibition, it is the graphic design which will really give it the edge when set up in the exhibition hall. When ordering a Streamline display, you can choose to either send in the graphic design yourself or you can opt for our graphic design service where we will do it for you.

We have our own experienced in-house graphic designers who have extensive experience designing and producing excellent display stands based on just a few of the client's ideas. You will be able to work with them throughout the process, providing your input throughout to ensure your design matches the vision which you have for the exhibition stand.

All the printing for the Streamline exhibition stands is also done in-house to ensure a fantastic finish every time. All our panels are printed using high-quality pigment-based ink which ensures a rich finish with vivid colours that do their bit to help your display to stand out on the show floor. If you would like further information on the graphic design service, then you can either call 01733 394941 or send an e-mail to [email protected]