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7 Panel Display Boards

7 Panel Display Boards from Rap Industries

7 Panel Folding Display Boards are a comprehensive tool for displays and exhibits. These display boards are designed to be easy to use whilst incorporating high quality materials to create a professional finish. The unique addition included with the 7 Panel Folding Display Boards is the integrated plinth, which is excellent for adding an electronic device or promotional material to your display.

When manufacturing the 7 Panel Folding Display Boards, we focus on creating a product which is practical as well as effective at exhibiting your content. The materials used are of high quality and are suitable for use in indoor environments such as exhibition halls, trade shows, shopping centre displays and more. These materials also ensure the display boards are sturdy, which means they can comfortably be used as a backdrop for your content.

At Rap Industries, all of the 7 Panel Folding Display Boards are made to order, which means each feature can be personalised. This provides you with control over the fabric colours, the material used and any accessories to integrate. All of this is done at our premises in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. As is standard with all of the products we produce, there is a manufacturer's guarantee included.

7 Panel Folding Display Kit

Free Delivery

Price: 128.00
( 153.60 Incl VAT @ 20%)

  • Velcro-Friendly Electric Blue Fabric
  • Free Delivery
  • Dispatch Within 24 Hours
  • Five-Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

Event 7 Panel Display Boards

Price: 135.00
( 162.00 Incl VAT @ 20%)

  • 72 Hour Dispatch
  • Loop Nylon Fabric Finish
  • Includes Metal Plinth Top

Event+ 7 Panel Display Board

Price: 200.00
( 240.00 Incl VAT @ 20%)

  • Accepts Pins
  • 5 Day Dispatch
  • Choice of 24 Fabric Colours

Printed Folding Display Kits

Price: 240.00
( 288.00 Incl VAT @ 20%)

  • 7 Day Dispatch
  • Custom Printed In-House
  • Easy to Set Up

Event Single Header Panel

Price: 12.00
( 14.40 Incl VAT @ 20%)

  • Choice of Fabric Colours
  • Loop Nylon Finish
  • Compatible with Event Displays

Event Printed Single Header Panel

Price: 18.00
( 21.60 Incl VAT @ 20%)

  • Custom Printed Panel
  • 72 Hour Dispatch
  • For use with Event Systems

7 Panel Displays

To begin creating all of our Folding Display Boards, we begin with an intuitive core. The unique honeycomb design allows the panel to be compressed, creating a lightweight display which is also impressively sturdy. To add a sense of quality to the display, we then add Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric which is available in a variety of colours for you to choose from. Then, an aluminium frame is applied around the edges to add the finishing touches.

There are a few different designs on offer to choose from. The first, our Next Day 7 Panel Folding Display Boards are available for dispatch within 24 hours. Aside from the Velcro friendly fabric, we also provide the Event+ 7 Panel Folding Display Boards, which upgrade the material and introduce a pinnable core, allowing your content to be applied with more conventional pins.

To make your Folding Display Boards truly unique, we offer a selection of accessories and other services to help enhance your content. Included within this are printed panels, which can be used to create high resolution and high quality copies of your content. Alternatively, we also offer display spotlights, which are ideal for adding to the top of the panel to help illuminate the panels.

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