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Split pole Carry Bag

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  • Fabric carry bag finished in black with a shoulder strap
  • Suitable for use with Universal, Linx & Panelfix split poles.
  • Holds a maximum of 5 Universal Split Poles (10 sections in total)
  • A cost effective way of carrying your Display Stand Poles.
  • Fitted to a zip fastening for easy access.
  • Supplied with shoulder strap for portability
  • Finished in black
Dispatched within 48 hours Compatible with our Universal range Compatible with our Streamline range

The Split Pole Bag is the ideal accessory to have on hand when you intend on transporting your display boards to different events. Manufactured with a hard-wearing canvas fabric, the split pole bag is designed to keep the poles in pristine condition when they are in transit. In particular, this fabric helps to protect against scratches, so that your display looks excellent once it is set up.

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