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Do you KNOW what your sales team are selling?

Every business understands the importance of getting their sales team connecting with prospects and customers. However, many of them lack an insight of what their sales team are actually selling.

For a businesses to be successful it’s time for the leaders to create a better insight into what your sales team is actually doing. If your sales team are not engaging key customers during the sales process, you’re at a disadvantage. So it is time to re-establish what your sales team are doing, and take a look at what they are selling!

You need to work closely with your team so that you can develop an understanding of each member’s strength and weaknesses. This in turn will help you delegate tasks to the individuals that best suit the requirement of each role. You’re likely to have a sales team ranging with different skills and experiences, so understanding who plays what part is in the business is needed.

As well as you having a better understanding of your team. Each member needs to understand the business objectives in relation to selling and the role in which they play to enable these objectives to be met. It’s down to you as the manager to communicate this information to the team and monitor the progress being made.

Do your sales team know who their customers are? And what it’s going to take to successfully sell to them? Each customer will have different needs and expectations, so your team must recognise that one product or service won’t suit every customer.

A great way for you to get a better insight into your team, and to monitor the performance of the individuals is to display all this information on one of our Budget Triple Safety screens here at Rap. Showcasing your business objectives, each customer’s needs and expectations on your mobile divider partition system means you can refer back to this as and when it’s needed. With our Partition dividers you have the choice of fabric, dry wipe system which is great for regularly updating and you can even have your company’s logo printed onto your partition.

So if you are looking to identify areas and develop key strategies that will improve your ability to generate sales for your business, our Partition display screens are the perfect system for your business. You will soon be knowing exactly what your sales team are selling!

Budget Triple Safety Screen

Don’t miss out on this GOLDEN opportunity to WHARP Speed your sales

Do you feel like there is a mountain of roadblocks stopping your sales team from reaching their full potential? Taking you longer than you had hoped to close deals? And maybe the revenue just isn’t coming in a steadily as you would like it to be. Well that’s all about to change, as here at Rap we have some golden tips which will ultimately wharp speed your sales.

Talk to the right people: By talking to prospects who neither have the budget, nor authority to buy your services or product you are simply stretching out that sales cycle. If you have someone who is genuinely interested in what you have to offer, go to the highest level possible. If you are unable to go straight to the top, do a little research as to who controls those all important decisions, get in front of them. If this isn’t possible you might want to consider moving on.

Deal with your objections early: Your company objections play a crucial part to the buying process. Look at your objections as a signal, if someone is interested in moving forward but there is an obstacle in their way, now’s the time to look at resolving this. The earlier these objections turn up, the earlier you have the opportunity to explore what it is that is getting in the way, and deal with it.

Provide value in your marketing: When the time comes to sit down with a potential customer they are either going to know who you are, as they’ve seen your blogs and social media updates and love your weekly newsletter. Or they have never heard of you before your meeting, and they are unsure of who you are and what it is you are looking to sell them. Obviously the first scenario is going to be the better one. So keep yourself known to by regularly blogging, using all social media platforms and get your voice heard. By getting yourself notice before your first appointment you’re speeding up that cycle before you even meet them.

Be persistent: It’s very unlikely that you’re going to close the deal on your first meeting. Don’t lose interest and quit this part of the cycle half way through. You will likely have a few conversations before a deal is finalised. If the opportunity is a good one, don’t get discouraged. It takes years, not months to strengthen this part of the sales cycle. Over time you will notice this time reduces.



Engage with your field sales team (give them more of what they want)

Sales success isn’t magic. It’s the direct result of a well-balanced system with the right people, with the right focus and those who are fully engaged in their work. Your field sales team are more productive when they are engaged. And that is why it is crucial for any business to keep them engaged and give them more of what they want.

Keep them motivated: Motivation is the key to seeing your business grow. And there are many ways in which you can do this, such as: bonuses, big monthly prizes, a weekend away or even tickets to the local football match. Or if you are looking for some job related incentives additional time off and flexible working proves popular.

Really get into the spirit of keeping your field sales team motivated by keeping the competition alive and introducing them to a Mobi Display Board. By using a Mobi Display Board from us here at Rap you can use your Board to continuously update your weekly incentives and by doing so the competition will be even hotter than ever. What sales team doesn’t like seeing where they’re positioned in relation to their co-workers? Exactly! What a brilliant way to keep everyone engaged and on a role.

Mobi Display Screen

Cater to their natural tendencies: Your field sales team are competitive by nature, so by connecting their motivation to your company goals is a great approach. Look at turning achievements into social bragging rights.

You will soon have a culture where knowledge sharing and learning performances are rewarded. Look at game mechanics such as levels, challenger or perhaps leader-boards. These are a fantastic way to boost motivation and engage with all team members. And if you are thinking what else you can use your Mobi Display Board for this is it. Turn your Mobi Display into a leader-board and let the competition commence!

Make training convenient: Your field sales team might not always be in the same place, every day. Trying to maintain consistent training communication can be challenging. However online sales training programs can allow your team to fit training in whenever and wherever it fits to their busy schedule.

With the right training across your business and smart leadership, you can really engage with your current team to reach your company goals. And with a little added help from one of our Mobi Display Boards there will be no stopping you. Take a look at our range right here:

Mobi Printed Partition

Make an impact with your mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is on the up! And so much so, we wouldn’t be surprised if you was reading this blog from your mobile. Long gone are the days where we used to sit and play snake on our phones. The capability of our smartphones have evolved to be a central mode of communication for us all. That’s why it’s now ever so important to make an impact with your mobile marketing!

Is your website mobile friendly? The same content is seen by every visitor who looks at your page. However depending on the device which they are using to access your website, the layout will adjust itself accordingly. Providing your website is adapted for mobile use your customer will be able to access your site easily, they are more likely to stay longer and this could potentially turn into a sale. However if your website isn’t adapted to mobile use, your customer is likely to get frustrated and look elsewhere.

Encourage your customers to review your business. And of course this no longer involves you having to place a business card into the hand of your customer, in hope they will return home and turn on their laptop and leave a positive review. Now, businesses don’t have to wait! Many of your customers are already online, and all it takes for you is to give them a gentle reminder. A little nudge should be enough to pull out their phone, and leave a review. The more reviews you have the higher you will show up in search results.

With today’s technology there are many tools which enable us to communicate. Social media, text messaging and chats within apps, and with all this choice email marketing remains at the core of every solid marketing strategy. Email is one of the most important mobile marketing tool! Keep your mobile friendly emails just that. Short headers, large text and single column layout and be certain that every link included is mobile ready! If an email doesn’t look good, it’ll be deleted, worse case the reader could unsubscribe from future emails.

And of course if you are looking for other ways in which you can make an impact with your marketing in general, maybe you are after some high quality vinyl, lamination or inks, even some accessories to enhance your marketing display? Here at Rap Industries we are known for our high quality products and service that make our customers use us time and time again.

Mobile Marketing

Find your customers EVERYWHERE!

If you had unlimited funds to market your business to find new customers and increase sales, you could buy online and offline advertising. Run lot of promotions and launch new campaigns to increase your brand awareness. The possibilities would be endless, however realistically, you do have a budget and you just need to have a better understanding on how to find your target customers everywhere! (Without breaking the bank)

So how do you target your audience? Generate new sales leads and focus on getting more revenue from your existing clients? With our three tips here at Rap you soon be finding your customers just about everywhere you go!

Check your website – There are many ways of which you can drive potential new customers to your website. Using key words and other techniques will help you appear on the first page of listings on search engines (SEO) Look at blogging and podcasts to generate awareness. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but keeping your website up to date with fresh new content and regularly check and monitor your progress will ensure that your customers are coming back, and more often.

Networking – The old fashioned way of generating business and a very successful one to. Get all your local businesses involved and organise a trade show, or any other social functions or events you can think of. By forming strong business relationships with your business neighbours, you will soon see contacts being made, and these leads will generate new customers.

Advertising – Needs to be done correctly to ensure that it’s effective. Talk to your customers and ask them how they heard about you, and use this to measure what was successful. In addition to this, by researching your target audience you will have a better understanding on the kind of places you need to advertise, so you’re reaching out to the ones who are generally interested in your product or service.

When you’ve found out where you should be advertising your business why not consider advertising and displaying your business on one of our Flexi Screens. Whether you are looking to advertise in your reception area or at an event, our Flexi Screens has what it takes to find those customers. You choose your height, width and then decide on what colour fabric you want to use (you have 10 to pick from) and included in the price is castor feet. Although these can be upgraded to deluxe rubber wheeled braked castors which you may find more appropriate.

If you are looking to give your business or brand the best image from the very beginning, one which will create an instant message and be recognised by your target audience our Flexi Screens here at Rap will ensure just that.



Take your business on the road with you

We are not talking about taking your business around the world – Although that would be pretty nice. But taking your business to the next level and start attending exhibitions! If you are a small business owner exhibitions can be seen as a big investment, but investing short term, you can reap the benefits in the long term.

When you decide to take your business on the road with you, it’s important to pick the right exhibition for your business. Establish whether or not your chosen exhibition will match your marketing objectives and reach out to your target audience.

Is your marketing message clear and consistent? All of your company’s materials from your literature through to your stand needs to display who you are and what your business is about. Therefore having a consistent message across the board is crucial. Not just that but you need to have your pitch ready. A visitor needs to be able to see your message as well as hearing it. So think about what makes your business unique and really get to work on your pitch technique.

Your display is your shop window, you need to be welcoming. Your target customers will carry on walking pass if you are looking more hostile than welcoming. Right into the hands of your competitors. Look for opportunities where you can engage with your visitors, and make them feel comfortable in talking to you.

You need to be able to grab your audience’s attention and a great way to achieve this is by showcasing your business on one of our Mobi Partition Screens. Our Mobi printed displays are a flexible solution which will transform your business appearance in seconds. By displaying your marketing message printed directly onto the panels, your business will stand out from the crowd in a very professional manner. Finished in a silver coated paint frame it will really look the business. You have a choice of three heights 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm and not forgetting you can utilise both sides of your display, now that’s a lot of marketing! And as standard we will give you a 5 year manufacturing defect guarantee.

Exhibitions and events are excellent to generate sales from leads. By investing in a Mobi Partition Screen you’ll enjoy excellent returns. With the right exhibition products from Rap, experienced and effective sales team and great marketing help, you’ll soon be focusing entirely on the rewards.

Mobi Portable Partition